Here you will find an array of services to suit your needs.FullSizeRender (8) All sessions no matter what you choose are super Powerful, Transformative and Intense you will experience immediate Life changes for the better with the aid of our spiritual guidance service- which we all can use.

The services we offer can aid you especially if you are receptive. So get ready to have your life transformed and rejuvenated when we get together!! Seriously I love this work 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find it rewarding in many ways yourself.


Feel free to choose from these Spiritual Counseling services in the areas of:


“If there is light in your heart , you will find the way home ” ~Rumi


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  1. Chakra Readings
  2. Iching readings
  3. Full Personality Numerology Report
  4. Compatibility Numerology Reports for 2
  5. Monthly coaching
  6. Reiki Healing Sessions
  7. Sensual bodywork


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