Spiritual Message for Tuesday June 10th 2014

Greetings beloved,

The spiritual message today is Spiritual strength. The reading is from the Psychic Tarot deck and the number is associated with the number 9. Tuesday. Ok. The old paradigm is withering away. The halo of truth is not going to hold out for much longer for it seeks to crown you with its violet light of remembrance. What is there to recall? The thing there to recall is the way of all. The way if unity.

The past is there yes, still it seeks to set you free from it. Some of you will say finally it is true. Finally I can come forth. The old smog that you sat in for years and ages is passing by. You can’t sit in the same place as you used to. You’re getting crowned by the universe for your resilience in upholding truth. This message will touch those who can really vibrationally hear these words. Listen, you’ve done the work. Its time to stop looking back at the past.

Your soul knows your journey, it knows your secrets- the universe is upholding the truth so if you have lived your truth then you feel deeply supported today like no other. OPen your hearts a bit more today. Feel mother earths radiance as it allows you to merge with the all that is more and more. You’ve been doing the work. All that has come through has not been all that cute and fussy oh no. You’ve smelled the perfume of glory and then you chose grace over the allure of being seen or even being heard.

A few of you were looking for a metal for the hell you’ve walked though! There is no special reward for anyone who lives by the universal laws except their own personal awakening. That is the gift to you from you. As you can see today what you see is not necessarily what you get. It is if you watch the messages of the matrix expecting what they show will happen. If you’re vision is of doom or gloom then oh yes that will be your reality. See whatever your focus is on is what you’re gonna get. Some days I tell you its easier than others for most of you to get that fact. Its your time to stop holding on to your safely net. You’ve gotta see what you WANT more.

Its time to push through old ways. You’re being crowned on this day for all the introspection you’ve done on this mysterious journey. You’ve come a long long way to get to where you are today. Don’t bother looking back on that. The olden days are a cloud in the mist. They are beyond you. Time is eternal. Still at all times- All is here to serve you dear ones. You’ve been on a path that has taken you far away from many of your friends and family! There was a reason all that took place. Let me tell you. You have a message that you needed to tune into. Without going it alone you wouldn’t have gotten the downloads that you needed to get on your journey, this incarnation. Beloved yes it seemed so very hard.

The truth is that you are motivated more than ever to merge with the others who walk this earth. You don’t know why. Some of you think you’ve fallen back from growing spiritually since you have been more grounded and earthly these days. You’ve even noticed your earnings have picked up too. You’ve stopped trying to invent the wheel. You’ve turned to the tried and true ways that work to make money in the matrix. You’ve grown super wise.

You’ve been walking, seeking truth, then you linked with some principals and many great teachers. You’ve seen enlightenment in your meditations. You’ve felt your connection to the magic that is all of existence. Soon you have found yourselves amongst televisions, watching sports, eating a little this and that of which you never would have never touched with a ten foot pole before last year. Even though you’ve quietly changed your ways you’ve growing stronger than ever eh?? If you smile now then- Yes you have if you’ve been. What kind of lesson is this you say?

It is a melting into other ways of doing- being and a new way to experience the world. The new way is freeing us up. Still you’re learning that life doesn’t favor you just because you eat a certain way or read or write. The universe could care less about if you do yoga or wear a special clothing, speak a language or stop to smell the roses. Your life is being weighed by you. You’re the judge of it all. You are the infinite. The infinite is in you. You’re learning the art of blending. Physical and spiritual. !Not losing yourself but of merging within the all that is blissfully for the benefit of each and every being. The gift is to be able to shift from looking at life through your eyes then also to look at life as a immersed being of light through the expanded vision of oneness.

Life is always in creation mode. It’s been a rough walk for many of you still now is not the time to walkaway from all the hard work that you have put in. now is the time to rise even higher. now is the time to be the expanded version of who you used to be. You can hear me. The message is clear. The number 9 says that the ending of a cycle is so near. You want to go into the clouds to get away from all the noise.

You don’t have to go beloved. Guess what. You will like this new cycle I can promise you that. Some of you wanted to walk away from it all as of yesterday. Life has seemed to be beating you up. You’ve been feeling like you’ve been tossed around like riding on a roller coster. I’ll assure you the next cycle you break into will like riding a wondrous merry go round. Does anyone recall their ride on a merry go round when they were young? Its always fun huh?

The merry go round is a happy ride Even when it speeds up a bit. The reason its so much fun no matter the speed it goes is because its very predictable. It’s Predictable in a way that you know its going up and down and around in a circle. You can look around to clearly see that each person is enjoying their ride like you. The new cycle is about having some fun. Yes Some have been already having plenty of that still its a different kinda fun. You’ll know what that looks like when it happens in and around you. Yes its already started too. Push forward. Smile, meditate, watch a movie that brings a smile to your heart.

Get going on whatever it is that you want to finish. Now is the time to pick a goal that you’ve had for a while then make a go at completing it! You know who this message is for. As always, There is no way to get this life wrong. You’ve gotta live though. Go forth and live your best life ever. Merge, enjoy and complete some things. You’re strong, spiritually strong. The world is yours to be with at will. Remember that whatever you see is what you will get! Practice it. Envision the best that life as to offer, As you do, You will indeed witness that reality in your life. Breathe.

Yours Truly,


Tuesday- June 10th, 2014


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