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Welcome to our home online, at Naturally High Life! If you’re looking for…

  • Self love encouragement and support
  • Channeled ascension guidance
  • Holistic healing through journaling
  • Transformative tarot readings
  • Self-Care
  • Life transformation tips
  • Meaningful strategies to change your life dynamically then Yes, You certainly have come to the right place! Confident Personal Transformation is what we are all about. 


The world will never be short of options. Information is everywhere you turn. From social media, newspapers, online and offline magazines, blogs, websites, quotes and television shows… There are so many concepts to think about daily. The issue isn’t the information or answers one has access to. The main obstruction is the application of solutions to problems. Life is quite busy. As a Starseed, life can also be full of depth in a world where most live only on the surface. The challenge to enjoy the moment within the hustle and bustle of daily living is where so many come up short striving to find their balance, their inner peace. 


At Naturally High Life you will rise from the deepest earthly or past life lessons in order to apply personal insights in creative ways to your intricate daily lives. On Naturally High Life you will find Daily channeled ascension guidance for both beginners and advanced Starseeds, Intuitives, Healers and Lightworkers to assist you in remembering your boundless powers and true nature!


My name is Sereda Aleta Dailey. Though I put together this site, it is not a personal blog about me. It’s really about us. Your transformative life stories are welcome here.


You will find articles about the ascension process, Tips for personal transformation, healthy habits, happiness, creativity, simple living, motivation, letting go, remembering who you are, inspiration, love, relationships, oneness, everyday wisdom, being present and getting things done.


Although, we often speak on Universal principles or laws. This is not a site about religion, it’s a site about expanded concepts that have the ability to attract prosperity, overall balance, happiness as well as  harmony when actualized and utilized in ones life. As one ascends they will recall their timeless existence as an infinite being which spills over to help others on the planet as we are all one! As one remembers their limitless nature, they begin to live on purpose each day.


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