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Hey Welcome to Naturally High Life,


If you follow our daily Angel messages, affirmations and quotes on Instagram, and aim to live life with balance, please connect with us. Wonderful people of all ages, can submit a freshly written blog post along with a bio for addition to the Naturally High Life blog.


This site is especially for authentic folks who are open to sharing their truest glories, reflections, dreams, missions, struggles, experiences, life lessons, spiritual awakenings, insights or journeys. We look forward to meeting you. 


If you would like to share an article with our readers, take a moment to read over the entire submission requirements. Next, send us a message using the contact us form below. Don’t have a blog? No worries. You don’t need a blog to share your story with us. If you’ve thought about starting a blog you can start with us to see how you like it!


Naturally High Life accepts  blog posts on the following topics:




For a chance to contribute to the blog on, you may send your blog post(s) using the contact form below when submitting your blog posts. 


Our golden rule here at

Our wisdom and personal stories are special to our readers and the entire blogging community. Blogging allows a unique opportunity to become one with your audience in an entirely different way. Integrity and respect are what we ask of you if you decide to write with us. We strive for submitting only our best, original work here.


Send in only relevant articles to Naturally High Life.

If you would like to write  an article on a topic that is not on the list above, please don’t hesitate to ask about your topic or blog idea. If your article is accepted you will be expected to promptly respond to any comments in response to your blog posts on Naturally High Life. You would receive a notification if there are any comments from readers via email. 


Please note: By submitting your blog posts to Naturally High Life you understand that Naturally High Life reserves the right to refuse, edit, or publish your article as we see fit. If your blogpost is selected you’ll receive an email stating so.



How To Submit Your Blog Post:

  • Include a Naturally High Life  affirmation or quote at the top of your precious blog post and keep your post between 600-1,200 words.


  • Share a transformational story from your life. Share how you learned a life lesson and how you learned the lesson you learned. Just be yourself. Include any details that will assist others with similar struggles or lessons. 


  • Choose a topic related to personal growth from the list provided above. Also, I look for universal subject matter well suited for the majority of our readers. Look through our blog page to review the type of blog posts we publish.


  • Be sure to send only personal, original, real writings from you. We use copyscape to scan articles before posting them on our site. 


  • The term original article

Meaning your blog post has never been published anywhere on or offline, not even on your own blog, plus that includes any sections taken from a previously published blog post too. 


  • Please hold all self promotion in your article. Instead place it into your personal bio. Please note that any marketing links within submitted blog posts will be removed.


  • How to Submit: Send your post in Microsoft Word format, As a plain text document or google docs format. Keeping all paragraphs concise.


  • Please send us your bio, sixty words or even less, this will show up at the bottom of the blog post.


  • Add a picture to your bio at if you would like a picture next to your bio. Be sure to include in your email to us, the exact email address you used for signing up for (If you decide to use a picture with your bio).


  • Use the contact form to upload your post, let us know its a “New blog submission”. Give up to a couple weeks to review your submission.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Take care!