Stop Tarot Reading Confusion Today

How can we stop the madness? We live in a world where it can be rough to understand the reason why things happen when they do. It can be a struggle to figure out the reason behind why certain events unfold the way the do as well.


Then there is also the special folks in our lives too. So many variables going on at once, yes added clarity becomes supremely helpful in all of this.


Tarot readings provide that added layer of insight that doesn’t always come from thinking things over. From my experience as a Tarot reader I’ve come to find that people seek information through Tarot readings for many reasons.


Some of those reasons can be things like:

  • Opportunity, Challenges, Wishes, Hopes, Fears, Goals, Curiosity, Grief, Sadness, Self love restoration, Increase positive energy, Clear negative energy, New love, Overall well being, Life work balance, Organization, Past life gifts and integration, Inner child, Chakra balance, Breakup, Soulmates and Twinflames, Connecting with Spirit guides and Angel guidance.


Take a moment to think about why you look to the tarot cards or to a tarot card reader. On the other hand, if you are someone who also performs tarot readings for themselves (think about what your motivation has been for seeking clarity via a tarot or oracle reading.) Leave a comment in the notes if you like as I would love to hear from you on this. 


Just as there is one or more of the areas listed above linked to the top reasons people seek guidance from an intuitive tarot card reading and reader- Well, equally there are also key areas that come up for each individual more specifically. The key areas typically link to the following meaningful areas of life:


  1. Life purpose
  2. Money
  3. Spirituality
  4. Love and romance
  5. Business
  6. Career
  7. Relocation or a desired move
  8. Health
  9. Children


Which of these areas of life are most important to you? Perhaps you have some that haven’t made this list. If so, please comment below with any others you find important.


Why do people seek to find answers to these areas of life? It often begins like this: There you are at the end of a Tarot reading asking yourself “Now what?, How can I successfully but practically make use of this Tarot card reading in my life right now?

Other questions like this come up too: What actions can I take today to have the biggest impact,” (some folks will ask themselves).


After sitting through the tarot reading a couple things happen for us. First, the reading may have clarified so much for you which happens to be great! Then immediately following the reading you feel uplifted plus highly inspired too.



Some people can have the opposite happen with them though like anxiety, fear or worry (depending on the cards that come up). There’s a connection to the tarot reader or sometimes not so much. Or there is a connection. During the reading you may have taken notice that the reader just knew what he or she was doing as they connected so close to your specific concerns and questions. They seemed to have a VIP front row seat in the forefront of your life. 


Furthermore during or after the reading, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, lost or perhaps you may even come away from the reading with even more questions than anyone would ever think were possible. You may even want your questions answered after the reading more than ever, you may find.


What if you could better understand your readings in a completely renewed way? We have all been lost during a general or a personal Tarot card reading. For that reason, I started an exciting series of Audio with matching PDF to quickly unlock the confusion that often comes during and after a reading.


It makes no difference whether that reading was just for us by someone else, or for the general public or personally performed by us for us Get More From Your Tarot Card Readings is sure to bring more light and meaning to all of your Tarot card readings.


Get More From Your Tarot Card Readings is an audio series where I guide you to understanding your Tarot Card Readings better. I want to assist you with getting what you want and need from your tarot readings.

This power packed audio series is sure to clear up all Tarot confusion, doubts and uncertainty at once. More confidence will be the result. Find out more here Get More From Your Tarot Card Readings.



Leave your comments below, I look forward to hearing from you.

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