(Part. 1) Story time: Inspiration, Moving Forward With Your Art. Making Prints. You Can do It too.

(Part. 1) Story time: Inspiration, Moving Forward With Your Art. Making Prints. You Can do It too.




Join me for story time, artist motivation, the art creation process. We’ll get into making prints. Yes!!! Hey, Good morning,!☀️



(Part. 1) Story time: Inspiration, Moving Forward With Your Art. Making Prints. You Can do It too.



In this blog lets get into the back story before the story,

First, I’ve been getting ready to do art and wanted to make prints for years and years. However, after my eyes had a look at all the details it would take for me to get my art out there for the world to see… I felt as if I could do it at first but then it all just seemed like too much to have to go through. So I decided I would make my prints myself with a printer. More on that later.


After procrastinating like crazy,

I ended up waiting longer to get the art prints done. I wanted to make a decision, then I found myself to be too confused about the printing process to make a level headed decision. At first I felt silly for not jumping at the opportunity to get my art out there rapidly but when people are confused they take action or they don’t. I didn’t go hard at it at first because I wasn’t ready to face the small details to really get my art into clients houses and into their hands. Once the year got closer to 2017- I was through making anymore excuses.



a flower for inspiration



I had to find a way…

Those were the words that kept playing in my head about my process in life. It’s been like that for the past few years. It was one day that hearing those encouraging words changed everything for me. A couple years back was when it was, from then on I decided to come back to making art for the past two to three years. Currently, I’ve been consistently making my art for 3 years or so without a pause.


Part of me,

was feeling like I was ready for making prints was thinking about my own art style. My confidence really blossomed through making art! Although I still feel like a student, and i am. I feel like I’m moving into the right direction with my creative energy. Today, I feel encouraged to tell you that I feel way more confident that I’ve found my own art style. Like many other artist, I used to actually wonder about what my art style would look like? Then one day I connected with my art style kind of organically.



Have I ever encountered defeats?

Have I had some set backs on my art journey? Yes, yes and yes! And for many artists and creatives they will find there can be some perceived pain on their own art journey as a result of things like this: I’ve found clients have to have a deeper purpose to stay tethered to their dreams or else. We all have times when we don’t feel supported. This is why I work with my ancestors, angels and guides.


They remind me of my connection to others and that’s how I keep myself going. You see, you have to connect to something greater than you to keep doing what you love in a world where it can feel as if you’re invisible to everyone who isn’t like you, or you may come to feel your life isn’t meaningful or of any value. We all have a great purpose. What do you connect to in order to stay committed? Ask yourself how can you stay devoted to your vision?



Trust your ancestors



Another lesson I’ve learned is to:

Trust your journey, even if you feel alone. People will think you’re wasting your time. Who cares, go- keep at it anyway. So what, you have to make a way where there was no way before. We creatives are inventive and so, we must use the skill of being able to create, to invent to our vision. By planning multiple projects and scheduling those then taking action. We are the ones who are molding our lives. With our thoughts we become. Also, we have to feel vibrationally what we want for it to magnetize to us.



I don’t wait for approval from anyone about my self worth and value. If I want support, I feel the support of the earth and of the divine that holds all of this (we see) together. Then, I keep it moving forward. If you’re anything like me and so many of our other fellow artists then you’ve spend many of days feeling like you’ve lost your mind. Many feel this way, for believing they can make a living with their art. Often one of the biggest concerns beginning artists have is: what if no one ever likes the art they make? I used to also ask myself that, that question used to challenge me so hardcore.


The importance of a teacher



I changed!

Being intentional about your goals matters. My spirit guides have been whispering inside me to just go, Make art for you! And I did. That’s all that’s changed in my art process. I have learned to honor my own love for art by loving my own self and in turn also, my art! So I create just to do it-while also aligning myself with my life path. All my life, I’ve been learning how to own my weirdness in the deepest way or I’ve had to discard the labels people throw at me. So many artists know who they are. Only to go out into the world to find the world telling you who you are and why you are. It’s a flipping joke because: We define ourselves, as people and as artists. Bravo fellow artists and creatives- if art is something you love to do…



Then give your self to your art! You will witness it coming back to you. Your art will give back to you the paradise you seek! I feel this is over the top for a quote maybe- but I like it so I’m going to use it.


Failure happens.

However, don’t you stop! That’s what I’ve learned on my art journey. I’ve learned that you have to make an attempt! To make an attempt is a win too. To keep going though is golden! An attempt counts. Attempting is everything. Keep visualizing, keep giving you the best that you have and keep playing with life with your art. Keep having fun creating and doing what you love.


That’s what I’ve been learning by trial and error. Your guides can help minimize the effects of learning via trial and error. If you know you have spirit guides then call them to work with you. My guides helped me remember how important it is for me to shower myself with loving vibes and also words regularly. Many people around the globe feel that What you nourish yourself with- will show up into your life. This statement feels true to me. But what about for you?



trust your journey


You have to make your art making a priority.

At the end and the beginning of the day. No one cares as much as you. You have to bring the motivation! Anyway, let’s move on. My art is a priority to me. In Order for me to be motivated to do it, I have to love me first. Each day, I wake up to tell myself that I can do it! No matter what. The motivational words help me remember what matters. It’s not always easy at first. Oh Yes, it takes time. Yes dedication is needed. That’s why it’s worth it. Why else would you want to do it? 🙂



Do you lack energy to hold your vision?

Need motivation? Feel as if you should quit because everything seems to be taking so long? Don’t do that just yet. Instead I want you to Ask yourself? What’s your why? What’s the reason you love what you do? I’ve had to ask myself the same dang questions repeatedly. Plus with me also being a Starseed African Queen I’ve been waking up on this spiritual path of cosmic ascension for a minute y’all and I know if you’ve read down this far then you have a sense of this!


For me, those questions have helped me to get clearer on what it is that I want to do with the art I make. I’ve uncovered the entire reason to keep going at this art stuff for myself. It’s my medicine. My natural remedy. There are so many reasons for making art. Doing art regularly by art journaling totally healed me after years of depression, weakness in the body, chronic self doubt and fear out of the waazoo!


Find your Inspiration.

I feel each artist and person on the planet needs to have a reason to keep going. I’m no different, you’re no different. Behind the scenes it may seem like I’m just sharing art snippets as I do some paintings. If I didn’t have something I felt as a higher calling guiding me with this, I might not have stayed with the art.


Ever since I’ve been working with my Spirit Guides, I’ve felt connected, grounded and lovingly supported. This is why, I have been doing everything for my ancestors, for the people in my life who have given so much of their energy to this world. I’m grateful to these people. They are a blessings to have in my life. I’m telling you, I know some true soldiers who ride and rise for theirs again and again. Love ya’ll. My family, You plus all of my of Naturally High Life posse…along with my spirit guides are who motivate me to press on.



my early art creations



The early years, What motivates you to keep on going beloved.

Why do you or why have you kept on pressing on with your art or with your creative gifts 🎁 when no one was looking or cared? I know how that feels. And the only person that matters when it comes to your art making is you. You are the maker of it. You have to come alive to appreciate you first. Some of you already know the deal with all of this. Ask yourself the question on what motivates you to keep going? Next, align your art goal action steps with the answers that spring from there. Rinse and repeat.


Living in a culture that encourages fear through the foods made available, the fast food culture, through the water, through the movies and the mental programming. Fear affected my art making early on in my life. I actually started drawing and coloring with crayons when I was in elementary school. I continued this into middle school. Then I stopped drawing for over 10 years after many let downs as a child.


As I didn’t know any better, I judged my art. I felt let down because I would compare my art with the children I was going to school with- I was overly critical with myself because I thought about the art that was taught in school back then and wondered by mine didn’t fit into the art style ideal then? Art classes were a drag, they were overly structured and boring to me. I wanted to be able to make my art without having to fit my creativity into someone else’s box. oh no honey…



tarot reading1


A long time ago,

I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t a good artist and I continued with other creative things like braiding hair, catering vegan food and sweets, doing nails, jewelry making, content and story writing, content marketing, crocheting… After I tried many creative art processes and projects it was then that I felt the pull to come back to drawing my portraits again. I didn’t have to stop making art or anything else.


Then before you know it, I came back to making art again! So glad I did. I’ve been attempting to jump into the deeper end of the pool with my hand drawn and painted creations for years. I never thought I would have ever carried the title of artist back when I was a young girl. Truly! I did dream about it though.



Eventually I pushed through tons of stagnation in a Saturn dosha period.

I was over critical with myself for years. I can recall, I used to hear a loud negative voice in my head telling me what I couldn’t do. It would happen just after I would make something that I poured my attention and energy into. It was rough then. Breaking down the years of feeling misunderstood and broken it felt like being stuck in the thickest quick sand … to have my own thoughts come out of me with over critical and discouraging words.


I had to get a handle on it. Finally broke free of the years of the depression I had been in to just create without trying to be perfect or anything else. I figured whatever I made with my paint brushes would be mine and that was flippin… that! Finally I slayed the fear, the grief and the sadness I carried around in my body for so long. I got lighter, I felt as if I could fly.




deep melanation art collection





Healing happens…

It was through meditation, energy healing, getting out into nature, freeing myself of other people’s thoughts of me and then one huge thing helped me to heal my inner child’s gaping wounds! That godsend that came in at just the right time was Mixed Media art journaling! I promise to share the stories about that with you on how I started an art journal and more on how it can help you out practically in life. Soon, I’ll share more on the experience I’ve had with art journaling and then what are some other great artists I recommend for mixed media art, acrylic and watercolor painting.


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