ASCENSION SYMPTOMS, SIGNS OF A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING (TAKE THE QUIZ) Each individual has their reason for allowing change in life. Often, there are underlying concerns which are playing out throughout lifetime after lifetime. On a good note its the area of shocking challenges and complicated experiences that leave a person with a burning desire to improve […]

Get More From Your Tarot Card Readings

From my heart to yours~ Get deeper meaning from Angel, Tarot and Oracle card meanings. Stop feeling like you are simply spinning your wheels. Finally, Get what you need to get from any general, personal or private Tarot reading. Feel way more confidence and understanding from each reading you receive. Learn the 5 key questions […]

Full Moon in Leo Tips, Insights and Recommendations! 2/3/2015

Reposted from my Instagram page (follow me) ❤️ I’m loving this day for breakthroughs, clear cut clarity, to see obvious rewards, personal courage, inner strength, straight forward talk, for passion, fast-vast understanding, good vibrations, action, jovial fruitfulness, for socializing, friendships, family, abundance and also for tuning up our huge vision, for seeing our life’s mission for more […]