ASCENSION SYMPTOMS, SIGNS OF A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING (TAKE THE QUIZ) Each individual has their reason for allowing change in life. Often, there are underlying concerns which are playing out throughout lifetime after lifetime. On a good note its the area of shocking challenges and complicated experiences that leave a person with a burning desire to improve […]

Lesson 7: Building Self Confidence

Raising The Bar Low self-confidence often has its beginning in early childhood. How you feel about yourself is very much influenced by what others say about you. And in the child’s mind these remarks take root and you continue to act out this evaluation of yourself through life, unless you do something to change it.It […]

The Way To Happiness

Why Go Through All The Trouble Do you think working hard and being successful will make you a happier person? A question noted author and leadership expert David Fischman asks of readers in his new book “The Secret of the Seven Seeds”. First published in Latin America, this engaging book tells of the successful entrepreneur […]