Thanks for sticking with us throughout our shifts. We appreciate you.

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Welcome back again.

Let me reintroduce myself and what we stand for.

I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks.

Alright darlin’ Here goes:

Ever since Naturally High Life began several years back, I started the sites to talk about things I was grateful for in my day to day life.


I’ve done that and will continue to share more of what I’m grateful for since I see how it makes a difference in my life to do this. It’s deeply enriching for me and for anyone else Naturally High Life touches.


Which is why i began it all in the first place. I wanted to share the exact tools that helped me and others to improve our lives and mindsets quickly and most efficiently! I wanted to talk about something else I’m grateful for as well such as actually Getting my time back!


…Why did I need to get my time back? See, I was working my daytime gig early in the morning, from about 7am mountain standard time- Yes I said at 7 am lol. Yeah I know that’s not really that early for some of you. Now, I laughed because, when I first got here to Colorado I had been in Atlanta for like a couple years. After I moved to Colorado this year at the start of spring…I still had to get up at the same time like when I was in Atlanta which was 2 hours behind Colorado’s time. This was interesting for me since that meant me getting up at 4 something am in the morning to start working at 5am est. lol.


A picture of Queen Sereda from and seredadailey.comThankfully my schedule is back to normal now. I love my sleep. And A sista like me needs it to write and to do anything else involving my brain. There are still immense shifts taking place for me and probably for you reading this too. I’m grateful to be here speaking with you.


Today’s a new day. Truly I can’t even fix my mouth to complain right now. This year, I have definitely been able to better prioritize my life for the better. And what’s that mean for you?

It’s good news I promise!


Straight up and down, It just means getting out higher quality resources and even more relevant content straight to you. Thanks for sticking with us throughout our shifts. We appreciate you, I appreciate you so much. Send a reply to my emails or in the comment section if I can assist you in someway with living your Naturally high Life in the most optimal way for you beloved.


Ok, 🙂  Since all of the details are out of the way… The second thing is that I just wanted to quickly share with you that over the next few weeks I’ll be catching you up to the rest of new updates around here at and from my other website for art . If you’re signed up for 10 Days of Motivational Angel guidance already, thanks!


Queen Sereda



Updates part 1: It’s been a long week of working on two online courses, deep cleaning my home and everything (with yellow gloves on). Of course this is expressed in the usual fashion that especially both fellow Libra & Virgo risings can really understand. Also both of these signs are totally not about that germ life.. ! You already know!


I wonder how you are this day. Today I’m feeling even more- like who I want to be. That feels like a giant step into the right direction. It’s wonderful when you can connect with your purpose. Then take it to the next level to add that higher purpose you have for yourself and tune it with your self image (the way you see yourself).


Thats some powerful stuff we’ll continue to get into. Practices are great however, it’s highly valuable to find out exactly which practices help to swiftly bring you back into balance. Think for a moment about: What helps you to remember who you are when you are working and operating from your higher persona? I know its a deep question. I’m putting together online courses to further explore what it means to live a Magnetic naturally high life.


Besides working on the online courses, I have been making fun art. I even learned how to film the art making. During the last eclipse I received some dynamic wisdom I have been meditating on.


The wisdom is: Tap into the very things that remind me of who I am and of whom I want to be. This is the exact reason why I enjoy doing readings so much. Doing readings is one of those things that help me to remember I’m not just a limited human being. Neither of us is. We ‘re divine beings. For divine beings who know they are divine can best use spiritual tools to assist them.

One such spiritual tool, is that I have is a Motivational Angel 😇 Guidance sequence of readings for a total of ten days. They are channeled readings that came to be during the eclipse. I was guided to share them at this time for support during the current transformational shifts. One message wouldn’t deliver the entire message so there are 10 Angel guidance readings available to you.


Yes, I said 10 Days honey! It’s complimentary too.


You actually get to hear my voice from you email or you may also visually read the angel guidance readings alternately, if you like. Anyway if you’re new to me or you’ve been following me for a while… You know how I channel Spirit and spirit guides.


That includes the angels too. I look forward to getting the readings to you. You’re welcome to get your 10 Days Of Angel readings If you love Angel Guidance like we do then.


Come on, sign up here. Those of you enjoy my style of reading for you, those of you who say you feel as if I’m reading specifically for you sometimes… These readings coming down in a week. Click the link to get the Angel reading 😇 downloads from After the eclipse straight into your inbox.

Good day talk soon.

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