The 3rd Eye Acupressure Point is Good For Transforming, Relaxing and Rejuvenation Too!

Depressed? Grieving, Feeling crappy, mentally overworked or overwhelmed? For those of you who have trouble sleeping when you really want to…

Do this: take your finger (the index one) and touch your forehead but touch your forehead where the bridge of your nose and forehead meet…there should be a tiny space there. lightly press into that, release, do it again applying gentle pressure there…release then do that for about at least 1 minute…remember to press gently at first then apply more pressure then ease off…

Once you feel a light pulse (which will be your heartbeat) you can 10 minutes is the max to press on this point…but I can make this work in 10 do it. You can use this acupressure point for clearing the mind, balancing your thoughts, releasing mental tension, tranquility when life seems rough….it’s a gift i love to use This 3rd eye point is great for meditation and for awakening one spiritually too….

Stimulating this point activates your Pineal Gland. Use this point for headaches, sinus issues, improving eyesight and last for grounding the body too. 


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