Newsletter Update: The Angels spoke to me this morning,

(Listen if you’d like)


I feel inspired to say this to you- loving soul on the other side…

Today’s the day, to begin transforming our limiting beliefs into liberating beliefs! We often have these characterizations about others, how things may go, how they could happen but it just doesn’t workout well all the time for us. 

Many times it really does though, and you know it 🙂 too. 

Then on occasion…

It feels as though sometimes we kinda lock ourselves in a circle. Some kinda bubble you know… 

This circle can feel as if we are all alone in this space we have carved out in our minds. We can be up one minute then down the next-not knowing that it’s not us. Why not? because we (divine beings) by our very form, existence and nature are unlimited, in a state of bliss, peace plus wellbeing! Yes all the time that’s what lies within us…on a soul level. 

The body, we’re in though feels all kinds of energy shifts, planetary changes and other people’s vibes whether they feel good or not. I’m sure, you most likely already know that we are not ever any of what we feel or what we are witnessing in our lives. We’re not, and yet it can feel so real.

Remember: Call the angels & your spirit guides to remind you. I know I need some reminding often…lol let me tell you. But it gets better. Because when we remember who we are just for a split second then we can shift or change our focus. We can do this once we remember what are intentions are. 

We are in a state of happiness when we are attuned to being our authentic selves. When we stop pushing ourselves down to fit in, to blend in, to be how others think we should be we’re free. That’s the freedom we often speak of and seek. That’s power right there.

It can be a struggle though, to feel up to the task of letting things be ok. It can be somewhat of a challenge to not let ourselves be what we know we ought to be. We’re growing ALWAYS… expanding… it’s out of love that we want more. Infact we feel uncomfortable then comfortable. You know how it goes, back and forth of  course since we are unlimited beings. We are unlimited! We will never cease wanting to create more, to be more than we are today. It’s alright (the angels) say.

What Else can we expect from such an unlimited force to reckon with? Oh yes, so when you feel as if you don’t have enough, that you want to move again, that you want to attract more money, change your hair, love fuller, be more of you, be more loving to yourself (give your beautiful person the permission to do it!) Because it’s always right on time.

It’s quite significant to feel however you feel today. However that is for you and I let us use this moment NOW as fuel to carry us forth even that much further. You are loved and don’t you ever forget that. Be sure to visit my website as well where you can leave me a voicemail. Yes, right from my website and its free to do so. Let me know how you are, what’s working for you and just to touch base if you like. 

And for those of you who would like to talk to me directly in debth about what you have going on and where you’d like to take your unique vision- don’t hesitate to schedule a one on one clarity session with me from the homepage of 

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That’s it. Have a yummy one. I hear squirrels outside and I love watching them. I’m going out to get into this day now. Feed your heart and soul. 

Peace and light,


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