The Best is Yet to Come & A Very Cool Announcement here for you~

Hi dear 🙂 I hope you’re doing well. me

The very first thing popping into my head at the moment is: Sometimes you just have to go for it! On that note, let me tell you about what is new here at Naturally High Life…

As I spent the day going down my colorful crafty to-do list I figured you could just find the new updates on the website but why not make a special shoutout about it instead? So here I am with that and more. If you’ve been with us for a while, You must know, I’m super happy about this.

And Well, I have a little something for you. Before I tell you what it is I want you to know that it’s a great time to be as creative as we can be. It’s a time to state our very bright, bold, beautiful vision to the universe again. Believe me-we can never say what we want enough for the powers that be to ever get tired of being receptive to what we desire and to us. 

So, don’t fuss at yourself for not finishing off something from years back that you’ve been wanting to complete since forever. Now is a time to pick up the ball again to move things ahead further and well back then, perhaps it may have been the time to simply plant the seeds for what you want. Then as we all are aware of… seeds take their time to sprout. They do. But its good because during the time which fell between expressing interest in wanting something to going all the way to really stepping away to focus on other things we allow. Synergy, magic, Something just happens which we can’t really explain nor see fully.

Allowing has its own little special magic in it. There have always been cycles and periods of time when the moment turns out right for whatever we want or want to do. Sometimes (time) is the single most important element which we will learn about again and again if nothing else. Planning, waiting, refocusing, adjusting, meditating are just some of the ways we can spend our time while we await our next dream to come to life. It’s like an intricate art form to allow something to come into balance to be what we need it to be.

This is my little reminder that it’s alright to allow a greater energy to help me to pull things together. Sure it’s alright if it takes longer and it’s cool if I don’t know all the steps it will take to get (there). The things I’m working on for you and with you have taken me time to imagine, put together and to allow the time to come when I could move on certain things I’ve wanted for a while now. It’s not done as I’m sure you’re well on your way too. But today I celebrate you and I being well on the way 🙂 This day, is a gift. Thank you for joining us to receive updates. It truly means a lot to me. 

This unplanned, in the moment, letter to you is to bring some encouragement if you can use it to know that everything is falling into place. To let you know once more if you can use the extra words…know that everything’s gonna be okay. We just left a powerful full moon earlier this month! Then we have Mercury going retrograde and a Moist Fertile Creative new moon are both coming up very soon! So, I wanted to tell you more about those two things in the next letter which you can expect in a few days. There’s just one more thing…

Beyond that, my announcement to you is that, I have gone back to the daily readings all over again. First I had to balance my schedule a bit with this new planner I’m using which is surely helping out. I’m quite a freespirit sometimes so it wasn’t so easy at first. With my schedule fluid for a few days I was ready.

Now we’re finally back to it. I did one daily tarot reading on Instagram completely off the cuff with my Morgan-Greer tarot deck (which needs more action anyway). But then as I wrote that little daily reading there on Instagram, I added a daily Pick a card section onto the website just for you and anyone who may like a little extra Tarot reading action and inspiration during their days. I’m excited because I’ll have a chance to write for you daily like I was before. There’s another announcement I’ll tell you about in the next letter too-that one will be pretty big!! 

Also I’m prepping to record the monthly tarot readings by sign this week too. Alright, that’s my time. I’m sending big hugs, take care of you. Peace. Read below-


I’m sorry I’ve talked so much I almost forgot to reveal our newest feature here on the site. Before I go-Let me show you where the new section is on the site called: pick a card Let me know what you think of it. Bye-bye deary~


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