The Joy of Self Centeredness. Looking out for you.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. ~Rumi.”

 Peace & love to you honey!

Today’s newsletter is concerning something so close to my heart & soul. It’s what I like to call: The Joy of Self Centeredness. Looking out for you.

This article was inspired by a book I enjoy reading known as The Way of the Wizard by Deepak Chopra, a book which is such a delight to dive into.

This particular spontaneous article was written while I was  sitting at home day dreaming about a new tea I want to try called Matcha. I’m so determined to go out for some today. I’m thinking a Matcha latte. If you didn’t know, I love my tea.

It’s important to enjoy as I work on some email tarot readings for clients today. I love it, but sipping tea as I do them makes it all the better.

Sometimes I can be really random, I’m a psychic reader so it happens at times 🙂 One of these days we’ve got to share our astrological signs. But for now let me get back on topic because as you know- I like creatively flowing through the day like right now. Today is special though so I thought it was necessary to write you to chat about it a bit.

There are so many gifts for us available especially on tomorrow when The spring equinox is officially here tomorrow EST. Which means the season of Spring will start on tomorrow for us in the USA which is just what several of us have been waiting for to get our show on the road.

Although I send love to the others of you who live in other parts of the world in beautiful climates all the time! Then I know there are lovely subscribes and readers out there getting my newsletter who also live across waters who have other seasons going on for you there and light to all of you.

I solute you wherever you are, it’s good to connect from our multiple realities! I was just telling you about how the Spring is coming tomorrow and that means more sunlight. More will power, more get up and go.

There’s something about the bright bold Sun that energizes people to get better, to do more, to feel healthier and to just be motivated to get on the ball in their lives. So if you haven’t felt like really getting out to exercise or to finish up a project which you know you want to see to the end-don’t fret. Simply use the power of planetary energies each month for what they are great for. Use them to launch you into each phase of your life swiftly. It’s like having a team behind you when you work it from that perspective.

If you’re also looking to enhance your intuition, this is a friendly energy to work with to do that. With new moons you use those to set your intentions which some of you already know about and also do work with already. Others of you are learning to work with the planetary energies to use the universal energies to back you up. This very thing helps in a magnitude of ways. I suggest keeping a journal to chart your goals, to plan, visualize and to simply dream bigger.

If you want to expand your mindfulness, if you want to grow in your personal awareness then set your intentions to do so. After that, you take encouraged action in small steps. That is usually fine. It’s when we sit on the sidelines without getting into motion at all that we can waste time in dreaming more often than activating what we want to move towards and truly just DO. Trust me I know that song well. Some of you know what I mean.

So, As I was thinking about setting intentions in my life. I asked myself some questions to think about that can help with gaining deeper awareness in the present moment.

How can I make a better run of letting the seeds I have within me out so they can begin to be nourished by the sun to grow strong and how can I allow my dreams to be rooted into reality more.

How do we bring our dreams into an authentic space to give them the space to branch out and to be greater than simply the intentions they start off as?

I’m journaling about these questions currently which helps a lot.

Awareness is that link that we can use which is available to us all to gel it all together then we want more for ourselves. Whether we plan, wait, relax, clear space, take small steps, research, gather, proactive and allow it all to happen, it’s all a part of the necessary process to getting where you want to be. Trust yourself. Make your way.

Where can you set your intentions better? How can you bring what you want into your life with greater ease? What can you allow it all to just be? Where could you be stuck-not letting your goals come to life? How can we be better at bringing a more positive attitude to what you want? What do you know probably has to change for you to have what you want? Are we willing to get out of our own way to just Let it Be?

I know we can. And in someway that really matters right now you are already there! Awareness is the golden key I feel for swift results of making changes that last. People share what isn’t working but place less attention on what is or isn’t to adjust accordingly…It’s important to see where you are then to be willing to grow right up from there. Each step is a new beginning that everyone deserves to give to themselves.

Go have fun, use the Vernal Equinox, Super New Moon, The first Solar Eclipse of 2015 all happening tomorrow to chart your new beginnings (use it for like 7 days). Then in just two weeks on April 4th we have another Eclipse, a lunar eclipse. Read the article on using the moon to manifest and that’s it for now my sugar plums.

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Thank you for being there, 


Peace, Sat Nam, Namaste, Hetep and Blessed Be.

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Self Centeredness. Looking out for you.

  1. if I need a one reading for myself how much do you charge? Please email me back . Thanks

    • Greetings beloved Rimi,

      I would be thrilled to read for you. If you will go to the (Shop) tab on the very front on my website there… That’s where you can checkout the options to purchase a one on one reading.

      Hopefully that helps, Be well and I look forward to working with you~


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