The Top 3 Ways to Have a Positive Mindset Part. 1

The Top 3 Ways to Have a Positive Mindset Part. 1, 2 ,3


Today let’s discuss:


The Top 3 Ways to Have a Positive Mindset.



I learned a new practice as a result of hearing this fabulous tale of transformation. I’ll tell you more about Regina the main character in this story in a moment.


  1. First we’ll dive further into why positive mindsets are a sure gateway to embody your greatness.
  2. Also we will discuss how positive thought dwelling is the answer to being successful in what you choose to do in life.
  3. We’ll share some examples.
  4. Including practical techniques you can use right now for your positive mindset transformation.



It all begins with a desire for more


Just for moment, why don’t you take a second to imagine a person. This person is someone who has been living life with so many negative thoughts daily she thought she was losing her mind. This woman begins their day each day at random. Her to do list is somewhere on the floor in her living room behind the couch.

This person who we’ll call Regina, wants to improve her life in spite of falling back on her goals. At this time though, she’s got a chaotic reality playing out all around her and within her head first and foremost. before year end rolls around, she decided to explore this area of her life further to improve it. She is totally sick and tired of not feeling good.


Regina was aware of the ways she was sabotaging herself. She shared with me how she used to put so much time into all the horror movies, playing a whole bunch of non inspiring music. It was what she did. She also knew she had to get her home to a workable medium or else she wouldn’t be able to have the positive environment she wanted. There was a wanting to have friends and family over. She didn’t know how to start though. She was stuck.

At the fall equinox, she surrendered to a new vision. She said, she didn’t want to end up buried underneath all her stuff that kept on piling up over the years. It was time for a change…

… Omg finally, she then explained from the journal she had been writing in about how she lays around in the bed or on the couch until she feels like getting up. Sure Regina makes good money. She just wants a more seamless method to reach her vision.



Success is Different for Everyone


Even though Regina has piles of successes under her belt…

Shockingly enough, this person wakes up with no long term goals on paper.

Her future vision is solely in her mind.

Her house is gorgeous but she’s not happy.

She has no written game plan…


…typically she running in circles, squares and other shapes of confusion-juiced up on back to back office supplied double doses of coffee and real cream…

The good stuff.

It was simple for her to fall asleep during the day.

Yep, to be exhausted before noon-

is quite the norm for her.



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She started from the bottom…

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