The Top 3 Ways to Have A Positive Mindset Part. 2

The Top 3 Ways to Have a Positive Mindset Part. 1, 2 ,3


Part. 2

She started from the bottom…


As a constant consequence to her ongoing, non self supportive behavior to her own well being, she can’t seem to find a way to be positive. The only thing positive with her is that she,wants to replace her thoughts at this time. And that she desires a new reality. She’s dreamed of many things. However, today she was halfway hopeful this new reality existed for her to be positive in mind. It’s about time she gave herself the permission to improve!


She felt like a wreck the other day, she decided to make a promise to herself to go live a happy life for once at least!


Before the realization came to her that something had to change, she would be on the way to her job…

…Daily she ultimately found herself to be overwhelmed by the randomness of her life.



Yet she found herself unable to break the constant loop of her not doing what she knew she should be.

She held back for years…After 10 years of the same thought patterns…

She felt hopeless as if her life would forever be the same…



She wanted to have positive thoughts in her mind.

She sincerely did!

The equinox showed her what she was missing in a clear vision in her mind.


Before the equinox came in September, Regina had gotten so tired during the day because she stayed up all night without resting. She couldn’t part with her friends last week so she hung out with them all day and even sometimes- all night & very regularly too. Regina knew some of her friends were nowhere near positive so she feels like she has to make some decisions or else. She was breathing a little heavy as she shared her journal entry. Next, she went on to say that she could feel a knot in her belly pushing her to take action the night and month before.



She decided to shift her ways.



If she can do it. You can too!

  • Are you constantly bombarded by thoughts of negativity?
  • Plagued by feelings of insecurity?
  • Do you see everything in a negative manner?


Here’s how you can lift some of that heavy energy from you so you can move forward.

Keep reading.

Let’s clear up your energy together by first taking holding a crystal or a rock in your hands for about 10 deep breaths.

Make those breaths slow and deep.

Breathe deep to loosen up your body. The good news is…



You very well may just have an energy block.

The block isn’t there to stay. That’s the great news!

The other part as to why this disconnection is happening with Regina is that she wants to be reborn. I did her her numerology reading for her a couple months back. Her own reading revealed there would be a strong potential and a fiery desire for her to shift into a brand new direction this year. She shared with me that she had read about the rebirth that she would be wanting to have in the numerology reading before she started journaling. She agreed to desiring a real change… We employed affirmations and numerology with more active mindfulness.


As her numerology report recommended, she started taking down her thoughts, letting what was in her mind be free. Free inside the pages of her simple black journal with a flap with a snap to close the journal. Her journal came the from Rite Aid from around the way. The journal she had, came with a long black ribbon marker for page marking of course. The daily practice of Regina taking time to journal helped her improve using only three methods. We kept it easy. Regina found out from her journaling practice that the reason she wants to be reborn, lies deep within her heart, and this knowing instantly mega warmed her soul.



Become a Detective to Locate your passions

Ask yourself this?


  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. Make a list!
  3. Write affirmations stating how you have what you want already, write affirmations reminding you of what you have before it even comes into your life.



Take it even further!

  • Next, ask yourself… what exactly can you say right here and now that you are actually doing, or explain a way you are being today that supports you positively reaching your goals???
  • Be true and honest about all of this.
  • It doesn’t matter what happens from here unless you keep it real with yourself.
  • What types of thoughts are you thinking of most of the time?



Did you know?


You are what you mentally physically and spiritually eat.

Seriously, think about it this way…

If a person drinks alcohol on a daily basis, the odds are their body could be affected in some way. The person who has enjoyed too much alcohol over time may find they have liver issues cropping up if they don’t watch it.

Similarly they might be on the way to develop an imbalance in health or they could incur some other type of health problem directly related to the amount of alcohol they have been consuming. In the same way, a person who constantly feeds themselves negative thoughts will simply be a negative person eventually unless they switch up their ways.



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This is the time to go on a Beautiful Mindset diet

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