Thursday Channeled Inspirational Reading for October 16, 2014

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Thursday Channeled Inspirational Reading for October 16, 2014. The Patience & Planning card came up. By: Sereda.
“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, wishes. Who looks inside, finds infinite wisdom.” ― Sereda Aleta Dailey, The Oracle of Poetic Wisdom.
Today’s reading is that you’re on the waves of success if you can hold on to at least one positive vision. It’s really that simple, just one little seed can make a huge difference! So there are no excuses to be made. YOu can really do this!! Some of you want to fly directly into your ideal lifestyle NOW. we can understand why. However if you did, what else would you be striving for? There are actions that will bring you closer to what you want which we will discuss today. We come to share in detail some of those steps you will want to take. Right now you’re in Mercury Retrograde last cycle of the year..  Mercury Retrograde happens about 3-4 times a year. During this period it will help to look back on certain projects that you were passionate about. This time will show you how to begin placing energy on some areas you really want to see grow in your life. It’s not a time for anything new. Though as we look into the moment, it is showing that if you are reading this, you will have a greater progress with combining some of the techniques of your past, or of your ancestors; with your new way of thinking and being currently. You’re being asked to stop trying to invent new ways to be triumphant in your life, career and with family when all you have to do is look to the past. Look to the past at others who have done a most amazing job at this. You can buy their books to review, or even meditate on their principals and study their ways to immediately implement information which may also work for you. You can sense that you have a great deal at your fingertips working for you (BECAUSE YOU DO) but you already know that. Please also know that  if you will begin to take measured, calculated steps… Which we know  can be a rough one for some of you Starseeds.
You are used to a different way altogether.  Life on Gaia is different. On earth things are always working in cycles, there is plenty work to do, there are times to take action on the inside of you then there’s also a time to make external moves towards your goals. If you do take action outside of the cycles in the opposite direction (which many have and still do) you find yourself seemingly going backwards or to not even move at all, regardless of the amount of effort and time invested. Yes we know. Throughout this time of planning you will feel a need to be alone. It’s not easy for you to step back, although you will certainly feel better once you see how movement happens magically if you include your ancestors ways into what you are doing. Your ancestors come forth to assist you. They want to gain your attention. The other good news is that, you won’t need to go back too far to find someone to learn from at all. You won’t need to look far. If you will call upon your benevolent guides and ancestors they shall assist you on this project. They want to help you. Now listen closely: You have everything you need to move forward whether its in your sight or not. REmember this. So do this, grab your computer, a tablet, a pen and paper, a journal or whatever you like… Then simply think of the word (ANCESTOR) as you say to them: I would like your assistance with moving forward in my life. Or some of you may want to say: (Ancestors please help me). After you do one or the other you should write what comes to you, though you should not try to rush it. Be open and you will receive signs that you are getting whatever you need to get from this exercise. Do not be afraid. We know you really have a decision you want to make, and you will make it. Do this exercise then you can gain some clarity on what to choose, on what to do. It may seem weird but -This is how you knew life would be.. You wanted to integrate your SELF- with your past and future… and you are. ASCENDING gracefully.
And with the number 7 on the card of the day today, you will want to utilize a spiritual way to take action, you will also want to be unorthodox in the way you gather information to take action from now on. Also, once you write everything down that comes to you..over the course of days and weeks maybe.. allow yourself to think much on how you would like things to unfold. Spring time is going to bring some yummy surprises, however even before that time comes around there’s still so much in the works for you. You’re the star of your very own show, allow this world to be there for you as you expand on purpose. Well, that is all for now, may life open to you in a very huge way today. You will see the light we promise. Hang on in there. Peace beloved.
We care for you so much, Sahyofeya
(Sereda’s spiritual guide)For you, It’s all love. Take care.

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