Top Reasons For Choosing Sexual Abstinence

Absti- What? Yes, the A word that we all know as choosing to not have sex for a period of time. We are advocates for anything that will bring bliss back to the planet. Would this do it? Well certainly the entire world won’t have to do it at once for us to see some changes in the world but let’s just say: slowing down a bit could not hurt some of the folks in the world. 

How could anyone choose a thing like abstinence? The only thing needed to live with the choice of being sexually abstinent, is the choice to actually go without having sex. It is truly that simple. Pills, loads of chocolate and coffee will not be necessary either.

From our research it seems that sexual abstinence in 2011 continuing to 2012 is still in full effect. (Insert a clap here). With all the constant pressures to ‘get physical’ in the world, wow, is what some of you are saying. Despite how it may look in the world, yes it’s true. Some individuals aren’t getting any. They are joyful about it too.

Times change, Lessons are often learned. Some have learned the hard way that sex can wait until a balanced time in the future reveals itself. Everyone knows its a beautiful experience to be with another in an intimate way. Those who have had sex know also that, there is absolutely nothing like the magical thing we call SEX.

Abstinence means different things to different people. For instance, here are 3 examples of how abstinence looks to various people…

1) Some may practice sexual abstinence by choosing to go without (all) the elements that may compliant traditionally preformed sex, this includes kissing and other forms of foreplay. 

2) A couple may choose not have sex for a short or longer period of time. This is especially true if the couple knows how easy it is to make a baby between two healthy people. However they don’t want to make a mistake while having unprotected sex. The couple cannot use condoms due to an allergy to latex.

Or maybe because of the lack of feeling on either partners side as a result of having to use condom. In this abstinence scenario the couple takes note of the woman’s fertility cycle. Afterwards they plan their periodic time away from having specifically (vaginal intercourse) from there. 

3) Some may abstain from vaginal intercourse but still be open to oral sex and kissing.

*Be mindful the only way to be 100% protected from getting pregnant is to NOT have vaginal sex. The only way to be 100% protected from STDs is to abstain from kissing and all the other sexual stuff too. 

Reasons To Choose Sexual Abstinence

1. Religious reasons- Some religions say it’s a sin to have sex before marriage.

2. Family: Parents instilling the values to be patient or to not have sex before marriage.

3. Personal choice to be married before having sex.

4. High levels of toxins and STDs in the world

5. Avoidance of an unplanned pregnancy between one or two people 

6. Just not ready to be intimate with another

7. No Trust in others’

8. Sexual energy cultivation techniques

What are your thoughts of abstinence, please share your comments with us. Thank you & Peace. 

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  1. We must explore new ways of connecting with our sexual(creative) energy within and without a relationship. As a counselor, I am coming to realize that most people have a very perverted understanding of their sexual energy. Abstinence provides an opportunity to cultivate and channel that energy. Sexual energy is amongst the most powerful energy on this plane if not the MOST.

    • It’s a trip just how much the world at large is away and out of touch with themselves on a creative level. And since creative and sexual energies are the one in the same..well creativity should help with this imbalance. Meanwhile abstinence is a great alternative. There are so many reasons to take time before jumping in the bed with someone.. I agree with you wholeheartedly and thanks so much for leaving a comment too ~

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