Update: There’s a Full moon today plus New insights from me to you~

Oops, I had to resend this because… 

I forgot to tell you that Tonight we have a Full moon in the deep, hidden, mysterious sign of Scorpio. This full moon will take place at 11:42pm tonight EST. So pretty much, the full moon vibes will be good and potent all day long. True for some- It may be extremely intense especially emotionally so hold on to your peace as best you can <3 We can totally do it~

Now to get to the point…

Good day to you again,

I had to resend this message due to a link from the month of March being in the last newsletter. I’ve gotta admit that there’s an important indepth article which I wrote for you only a few days ago for this month! In the letter that was sent out yesterday, I highlighted some focus areas to be aware of. That newsletter happens to be a key one to read for sure. If you can read at least one letter from me-catch that one. I placed the link below again for you.There’s something else too though-

Something came up this Sunday morning that I  sense I need to share with you.

Mercury retrograde is this month (I’ll write about it in the next letter to you) so already I’ve had my first do-over for the month ( A mercury retrograde signal) and Mercury retrograde has not even happened yet. Do overs or Repeating things- is a Mercury retrograde thing. It’s a way to send us back to fix something. It’s a funny thing. Maybe you’ll agree that At times re-doing things can be a super great thing though.

Often you may hear someone say that all is in divine order- they may even retort out loud that- mistakes happen for a reason. I feel, those reasons can be to bring us awareness of someone or even something. The so called mishap that we make, can have a magical effect too! It can grab us instantly to catch our attention. The mishap can quickly pull us to see a lesson, or an answer to a question we have, it can work to highlight a pattern, or bring forth a message, it can spark personal insight or the slip we sometimes make can even show us a gift too.

I feel the Virgo full moon which fell in March must of been an important full moon plus an important time period to visually and mentally review again. You see, what happens with moon cycles is neat! It takes time for them to show us things. It’s kind of like making a scrumptious dinner. First you visualize the taste, the smells and the textures of the yummy food you want to eat. If you’re into cooking you may want to create what you have a taste for…Next, you may jot down your grocery list during a new moon cycle (so to speak). I say this because again New moons are when you set your intentions, they are when you plant your seeds. The time of the new moon is when the universe is most receptive to hearing what we want.

But during a full moon the ingredients to make our lovely feast go into the pot to be simmered over heat to make the delicious dinner that which we want to come together. Sometimes it takes higher heat to bring a meal (or a goal or dream) together than at other times. Then there’s the time frame between moon cycles that allow what we want to melt together for us. As you may already know, this waiting period for what we want can be easily around 2- 6 months from the time the seed was planted by us (whether we were conscious of planting a seed or seeds or not) in previous months. However, if the goal we desire is a big goal, a big desire or a huge dream then it can take longer to come full circle indeed.

Each full moon that comes to us or the time between full moons simply brings us closer to getting what we want. **Now for My point for writing to you today 🙂 I feel that’s why the link in the last newsletter I sent to you had a link to the Virgo full moon from the month of March.

*There was something you may have wanted really bad right before Spring came in. Think back to the beginning of Spring. That happened in March this year. What came to you at that time? What realizations did you come to understand better? What came into your life that you wanted or didn’t want? What new habit did you vow to start back then? What’s coming into your life at this time? Continue reading my last letter to you

Happy Mother’s Day on the 10th of May to all mothers out there. We love you all so much!!

Thank you for reading my huge do over~


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