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Hi there lovelies good day to you,

I just wanted to update you on what’s new from Naturally High Life at the moment. 

This is My present moment. The last inspirational tarot/ oracle reading is going up right now on YouTube. You can find them under my name by sign on YouTube. Don’t forget to like subscribe and share please.

The final video is being uploaded as I type this is for Pisces. Please bear with me as there is a slight whistling noise in the audio of the monthly readings at the beginning-for March’s readings that I couldn’t seem to fix this month in the audio.

I called myself turning up the background music to drown out the slight noise which came from out of the blue. (Seriously) But here’s why it happened lol… So originally about two days ago I recorded live videos so you could see my hands in the video doing each reading with the tarot cards as I did the entire reading for you by zodiac sign and that was a learning adventure that led to many do overs.

I should be ready to do videos like that, soon-not this month though (said the universe) I’m alright with that. I wanted to complete what I set out to do no matter what it took. I got worked over every way you can think of in the process of this new project but I wasn’t redoing the readings again after things didn’t work the way I wanted the last time.

Finally I said that’s it! It’s done and I’ve done my best, now I’ve gotta be at peace about that. Whew what a rush, now what a joy to have finished for you. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the readings and please comment on whether you like the old way or the new way. You do matter. I truly appreciate you.

Go listen to your reading by astrology sign here

Talk soon,


2 thoughts on “Updates Reposted From My Instagram Account

  1. I want to ask who what song in that background music?I like it sound flute may I have the name song?

    • Hi dear, sorry for the later response. The background music is just stock music from online. It’s the music options inside my video editor, there is not an artist listed. Sign up for my newsletter too as it may help as well. I plan to do a meditation using this soon so look out for it 🙂 thanks for leaving a comment and for listening to the videos. April’s videos are posted so check them out. Peace, love and light to you Emanuel.

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