Wednesday Channeled Inspirational Reading for October 15, 2014

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Wednesday Channeled Inspirational Reading for October 15, 2014. The Archangel RAZIEL Dreams card came up. By: Sereda

“Passion is born when you catch a glimpse of your true potential.” Zig Ziglar.

Today’s a day where you can look up from wherever you may stand as you review this reading with an open heart to see your progress. You can definitely see how certain people have been woolven into various sections of your life like an elaborate design on the surfaces of exotic patchwork blankets, now you see. More clearly is the lesson that you have signed up to receive on such an enormous scale, it cannot be denied. You will try to fight with it.. but in the end you will settle with the truth of what really is. You will know in your beloved heart that life is not so bad. See you’ve seen the world put on its show for you still you’ve watched often times with one hand pretty much covering at least half of your face. At times its been a challenge to look before you. It’s been a rough ride. But its clearer this particular day that you have control over how you respond to life. Your power at this time, on this day is in day dreaming about your life’s work. Much clarity shall come forth once you look into your entire life’s snapshot right now. As you do this probing into your personal situations recall what we always say to you precious ones… Look at your life with different eyes. Don’t do the victim role. You’re healing at such great speeds that we wouldn’t want to see you fall back to where some of you once were. It’s a delight to see your growth. It’s a treat to witness your new found understanding of how things are being put together. You’re becoming more independent of others too, as you are also intune with co-operation with your peers which is also quite neat. Yesterday we brought you a message of Gratitude now today you may want to daydream on your blessings from all directions.

Be mindful that some of your friends and family are experiencing a shift of some feels as though its spiritual in nature (although it may look like a descension) instead of an ascension as yours does. Be careful not to judge. Pull forth any amount of love you have in your heart to share it. You will have to be determined to hold onto your naturally peaceful nature when you’re around certainly people as they will seem to push buttons you could have thought you didn’t have to begin with. Be kind and receptive to them by simply listening to what they have to say. Whatever you do, please guard yourself from taking anything personally from this person. They are speaking of things which may have nothing to do with you. They could try to include you in the mix though. You actually know better.. especially the one who is wearing the blue sweater right now, listening through the ethers to our words. You in particular will be spoken to and the conversation that you will have will be healing overall. Tonight some of you could certainly journey in your sleep state for the purpose of gaining new information which will be accessible to you in the coming 8 days or so. There are so many beings who want to help you on your planet. We are here to help you collect yourselves into one again since you need not be segregated in your experience for any longer. It’s taking time, though surely you will return to oneness in mind, body, spirit even as you still live. It is ascension. We only ask one thing of you as you make your way through your day as you always do. What we ask is for you to find reasons to smile today.. do this up to 5 times at least. You will feel glorious light beams of harmony go through and around you for deeper integrated healing. We understand some of you do this all day, even at the expense of faking your smile with others so you can hide your pain sometimes. You need not hide any longer, just practice day dreaming about your accomplishments..some of you will not tell the truth about your accomplishments. We hear you saying you have none. You must do the exercise again if this comes up. We reinterate that there is nothing at all wrong with you! You are a divine being and that’s that.

Go forth to be who you know you came here to be. Be simple, be steady, be light, be ready for more goodness today since there’s so much in store. Just you wait and see. Take a nap or go to bed early if you can it seems as if you could use a rest. We promise it will be worth it to daydream, smile and sleep. Thank you for listening. We’ll see you soon- In constant love, divine honor and service to you and yours we bid you a wonderful day Archangel Raziel and Sahyofeya. We care for you so much, Sahyofeya (Sereda’s spiritual guide) For you, It’s all love. Take care. If you’d like to book a one on one private reading with me, visit my website . If you’re curious about my rates, the services I offer or available classes:

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