Weekly Channeled Inspirational Reading for Monday-Thursday January 12-15, 2015

Greetings dear ones, here’s your Weekly Channeled Inspirational Reading for Monday-Thursday January 12-15, 2015. A 1 card Angel spread was done. Archangel Uriel’s Friendship card came up. By: Sereda.

***The Angels of Atlantis Oracle deck by Stewart Pearce was used for this reading.***

“I dedicate my life to the power within me. Through dedication I unfold naturally to the highest potential of my being.” ~Author Unknown

A breath of the freshest air you could breathe. What a week to dote on about. When you get this card for the week it’s about love, balance, duality, wholeness, well-being, enjoyment with another whom you do and can trust. It’s good to come together to create your lives in the best way that you see fit to. If you haven’t had a new friend in a while then you could suddenly be thinking about going on that search. You may have been thinking of linking with some fresh like minds more on an in person basis. 

New friends bring in a sort of excitement that you can’t get anywhere but from the union that two can share. Some times these friends we speak of could also come off as lovers in time. As you definitely will admire one another so much it’s certainly highly likely to be on the table for some as an option to connect as lovers.

Your guides say that you are doing well to want to be in the company of friends much more. They say don’t loose yourself in the process of linking up and hanging out with others. It’s looking as if business affairs will certainly improve with the act of making more inspired connections with those who may cross your path.

In 2015 relationships that are superficial may not be the ones that will last. Be honest with yourself about who you are plus who you think you’re getting to know. It takes time to get to know people as their are several different personas in the forefront before anything else can be ever seen.

Trust your instincts that everyone isn’t for you to befriend. Some people may turn out even better as a business counterpart or even solely as an acquaintance. No relationship is exempt from teaching you something about yourself though. So dig in big time! You will find this week will show you a thing about yourself, your relating style, confidence, mindframe etc… Listen to your heart then go. The week looks good for further in expansion 🙂 Archangel Uriel sends blessings and peace into your direction. Have a juicy week. 

Now read over each daily reading for this week if you haven’t. I apologize that I haven’t been able to talk to you on instagram also. My poor iphone screen met with one of my heavy crystals as it fell off my lab and onto my phone screen so I’m getting a part replaced for it which will be delivered this week, I’m sure it’ll be around Monday. I’m looking forward to it though. Thanks for your orders, I’m doing more readings for you these days which I’m loving…so bring it on. I’m also thinking about starting my Vlog on my Youtube channel so I can talk about more of my life overall as a reader, channel, creative person. Anyway this is a delight as always connecting with you. 

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