What Alignement Sounds Like Verses What It Doesn’t Sound Like


Feeling takes great effort to do and an even greater accomplishment is allow change to come through you..

Each day one persons day gets easier, and for many others theirs seems to do the direct opposite. The time it takes to leave any alignment with your goals, wants and desires, well it actually takes about the same duration to get back to the level of attraction that will be on the level of what you want.


Each of us can conjure up a whole caboodle of debates on why we get out of harmony with what we want. At the same time folks can find a plethora of notions on why they haven’t been able to get with what they want. Some may say its the weather, their cat, children, their boss, all the rain clouds or what have you.

Chosen Words Positive-Words

If you had to use words to keep you lined up with that which you do want and you knew the best way to do it for you.. What would your methods include? What words would you use to stay lined up with what you want?

Attracting Abundance To Your Cypher

As a rule of attracting abundance: you can attract whatever is in your vibrational reach.. That being said, you will attract your present vibration in some way. Can you change your vibration by simply saying you have? Interesting enough the answer to that is a YES and no one. Mainly since you have the full freedom to choose to be on a vibration within yourself or not to be. You also have the ability to say that you are aligned even when you aren’t quite there yet. The way you choose to attract will determine your reward of equal measure to what you send out.

Closer Look at Manifesting

Law of Attraction allows us to pull to us all that we want, but it also allows the power to magnetize what we say, think, focus on and put the bulk of our energies into. If you   are on the path to getting what you want through using your personal energetic syncing up with something- well you had better get on a positive note. What doesn’t alignment sound like?

Talking about our problems is the greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys. 

~Rita Schiano 


What do you want in your cypher anyway?

Well the question I want you to think about is what alignment are you seeking to achieve first off? Let me not assume that you are looking for a connection to things that you want. Just maybe you or someone you know wants something drawn into their energetic cypher that they don’t even want.  Although I am not sure if there is anyone who wants to pull to them something they don’t quite want. I know hundreds of people who want what they want. From my outsiders view it seems that all these hundreds of people dearly desire ‘stuff’ that is on an alignment a (reachable one) that they can certainly get to for sure.

Most of these people aren’t on the level of what they want, some are further away from getting to their dream alignment, and the other bit are just about there too however they certainly don’t believe it. The simple truth in gathering what you want into your cypher is to figure out what it is as always. What do you want ultimately? What calls to your soul? Make a note of that always. First.

The sounds of Alignment

Now what the heck does alignment ring like? It sounds like music or even better it sounds like harmony set to dancing or  baseline in a song. To align means to sync with your wants, the way you do this is to use as many words that are going to keep you in complete remembrance of what you want.

So the types of words you should lean more to using would be words like:

I am always.. happy, lively, listening, allowing, balanced, harmonious, attracting

I have.. fun, lots, abundance, sugar and spice (lol), love, all that i need now

I am.. great, saucy, light, funny, frank, fashionable, taken care of, attractive, fruitful

This feels so..  cool, good, true, real, nice, wonderful, sexy, sweet

The opposite of sounds of Alignment is the sound or sounds of Misalignment or (Missed Alignment)







Words that reveal and attract a serious Misalignment are words like:

I’ll never..

I can’t..

There’s no way..

It’s no possible..

Nobody will ever..


Whoever said that manifesting would be easy or hard?

It can go either way, its our perception that makes the difference in it all.

Do take extra time pick your tools (words) accordingly..

Then just as fast as you can turn around, your life can turn around for you.

Love, light and pleasure in all you do.. I look forward to your comments right here :- )

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