What are you projecting with your thoughts?

Whatever you pro-ject the most in your thoughts and words to others, will one day be reflected right back to you in a multitude of ways..and when it does you may have tears of JOY or tears of perceived pain and regret instead…but if you, reflect your light and always smile even if its with tears in your eyes..say thank you Universe as… your many reflections constantly remind you of what you’ve done for this person or that one.. and for the world you are infinitely connected to.. (smiling)… and when these individuals come to you..as YOUR MIRROR IMAGE.. reflecting your inner passions…accept the message they bring with them- take it and grow…either way, you KNOW what you must do..ultimately we can transform and grow …INNER REFLECTING is a good place to start your journey..then continue on with your lessons learned with a new found awareness…you can affect anything…you can do anything..what do want? plant the seeds and watch them grow…thank you for allowing me to always share with you….wow this is magic if i’ve ever seen any.. I <3 IT! THANK YOU AGAIN.. ~ABSOLUTE BLISS~ (SIGH)

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