What is Numerology and Why Should You Know About it?

What is Numerology?

In short terms, Numerology is a process of breaking down numbers. It’s a type of science it seems which has been around for a very long time. It is said to have originated in Egypt in the mystery schools there long before we ever came along.

When I look at a numerology report I think to myself, what a science this is. I’ve got to tell you that really I do feel many people would love numerology if they only knew about it. It’s accuracy is pretty dang astonishing to say the least!

Numerology happens to be an age old science which uses many systems, traditions or concepts alongside a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers, names and physical objects plus living things too. Numerological divination is considered to be popular or even tried and true for many early mathematicians.
Numerology is also said to be an order of the universe and that numbers have always been more than a means of quantifying things. Various philosophies throughout the ages uphold the idea that each number has a devout esoteric meaning.

Basically put, numerology is the art and science of understanding the spiritual significance and orderly progression of all things. Every word or name vibrates to a number and every number has an even deeper inner meaning. The letter and number can teach the world so much, when properly understood and applied.
Numerology even brings one into a direct and close relationship with the underlying intelligence and vibration of the universe based on the names and numbers in a birth date as well as any names and numbers in a persons name.

Many scholars taught that numbers operate in a spiritual sense. With a few exceptions, everything can be factored to a number from 1 through 9 and each of those numbers has an esoteric (in depth hidden) meaning as well. Numbers 1-9 have also been said to also represent an interval cycle. Numerology scholars saw in number patterns and geometrical ratios the explanations of all natural phenomena, musical harmony and tonal qualities it is said.

There are rules to abide by when studying numerology like for instance: The only times life numbers are not broken down to a single digit is when that number is a master number like 11 or 22. Ordinarily, 11 would be taken decreased down to a 2. However, since the number 11 is a Master Number and is therefore extraordinarily powerful in Numerology its not broken down but left as the whole number 11 in some numerology systems.

As an example, your birthdate provides the pattern which we call the destiny, life lesson or life path number. The life path number is derived from your full name given at birth. Once the birth name has been carefully transcribed into numbers with a code that has existed since old ancient times, that can also tell you the lessons you came to master. It also reveals the stage of consciousness that you have come to the planet with in this lifetime. This number is said to indicate the growth of your soul.

Even if you aren’t a number person you may have seen how certain numbers seem to come up repeatedly in your life. There are just numbers that keep been revealed. What do those numbers mean? What are they popping up like the do for you? Just look to your numerology report to show you this and I’ll speak to you soon darling~

Numerology reports are back! I really felt like it was time to bring the reports back. If you haven’t had a numerology report done- you may want to. Your name, your birthday aren’t just random letters and numbers at all.

You will soon see that the science of numerology, as stands, is based on the number system. When you have a look at your personal numerology chart you will see just how many digits are in your name and date of birth. You will also be astounded by the information and accuracy of your own numbers in a report, as I was and still am today even after first seeing my report at least 15 years ago!

After all these years I’m still awakened when I take a glimpse at it. Infact people grow into their numerology aspects. There is one super important area I like to focus on in numerology besides the life path number.
The life path number is very important however in my humble opinion I gotta say its truly the Heart’s Desire number that has the power to show you your innermost passion-whatever is the most dearest to your heart can be revealed with the hearts desire numbers. You may only think there to be one heart’s desire number when no there are two!

Yes, amazingly enough, there are two Hearts Desire numbers- one is the major one then there happens to be a minor heart’s desire number too. When you look at your numerology report you would see both numbers in a numerology report. There are some reports that don’t have these numbers in it so make sure you check it out first. Just check out the options to see what your choices are for reports.

In conclusion, your personal numbers are vast pieces of a the puzzle of a lifetime which simply define your existence in human form. It is often said that when you delve into numerology, you also gain wisdom into other ancient mystical sciences too. 

Before I forget, please share any resources you have used to chart your goals and life path this lifetime? Which ones do you like the most? What’s not working for you anymore? Please leave a comment below or email me to let me know with your awesome replies or simply respond to this message. 

How to Order Your Numerology Report

Peace, Namaste, Hetep & Blessed Be. 

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