What to do when you don’t feel motivated to do much of anything?

What an inspiring meme. There’s life in these words for those who the message is for.

Here is a post dedicated to those of us who are feeling a bit too laid back to really put the work on today.

…It happens sometimes, especially when you’re not feeling your best!

Get inspired! Find inspiration.

  • Workout

  • Look for other people online or offline successfully doing what you need to do

  • Watching others do what you want to do will help to boost your efforts and keep you motivated to the finish line.

  • Find something funny to laugh about

  • Have a day where you relax and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you.

Instead of fussing your person, getting depressed, yelling and throwing stuff at strangers…

queen_seredaHoney, please do this as an alternative to anything else: Commit to at least writing out a list 3 steps you can take to get things moving.

At this stage, you would just get ready to take the 3 first steps on your list of what you intend to do when you have time…

Next, take that list then take action on it when you know you can take at least one more step to get your tasks completed.

Sure this simple list is just a simple measure to stop procrastination- You will still have to do the work.

It’s still a win for anyone who takes the time to continue with their list as soon as possible. It’s cool, We all have to start somewhere. Sometimes we feel like we’re nowhere… and that’s true as we’ll.

As much as some of us want to have everything happen on day one- it may not.

One thing we can all do at this moment in time is to Live fully today.. Intend for it to be.. then it will be.

đŸ¤—See you later alligator,

Queen Sereda

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