What’s being eclipsed in or out of your life at this time, What are you ready to fully embrace at this Lunar Eclipse tomorrow?

Hi Lovelies! 🙂

It’s just me here writing to you on the fly from my home. What an exuberant time it is. I may say that often but today its really something to behold out there and within us.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon lunar eclipse will happen at 6:16 a.m. EDT in Libra

I feel as though I channeled my higher self for like a week straight, in creative art, in conversing with others, outside in nature whew I feel more mature. I’m ready as I bet you are for what’s sliding in for us this weekend!

We have this lusciously potent instigating full moon eclipse tomorrow on April the 4th 2015! This is falling on a Saturday if you’re on my side of the world. This fertile moon asks you what are you not allowing yourself to be fully? Where have you been holding back on showing yourself and the world who you are?

I took a nice long walk in the light rain earlier today as it was too beautiful to stay in. I had a fever for a new paint brush which randomly felt like a major priority at the moment I felt the urge to travel to get it.

The day flowed with ease unlike my yesterday which was busy to the core downtown. Today was nice as I made my way on a long brisk walk towards a huge independently owned art store I enjoy checking out sometimes. On the way there I took note of people yelling plus honking their horns outside of their cars. The music was blaring at times too with a subtle breeze around too. I could see the people desperately working around the tight traffic. Oh i was delighted to be walking at the time!

There was such a rush to get down the street for most people. (Full moons bring all kinds of things up) It was funny as I witnessed the mad dash folks were on just to line up one by one directly to back to back red lights during rush hour. Maybe you saw and experienced something as well over the past few days that turned your head. There’s no mistaking it-people were and are feeling the intensity of any underlying emotion there within them quite high around this time.. Whatever is in the spirit is being shown balanced or not.

The other thing that’s going on is a rather light hearted airy mood I see in people too. Since this full moon does fall into charming soft hearted Libra- yey (My western rising sign) I’m totally eating up this creative vibe in my work. Goodness I had to tell someone today while I was out that patience is important out here. I’m practicing the very same virtues myself.

The energy at this time is intense but cool at the same time. As i was out this week, I noticed other people kind of taking their time at each place I passed…it was like I was in a whimsical dream or something. The energy is light and free~ It was pretty cool to see the sights of cool creativity all around. Some of the energy felt weird too, I’ve gotta admit it.

Beyond that, my work is progressing along and I’m so very grateful to have a special chance to work with so many of you listening to the monthly readings and also those of you getting readings from me privately…awesomeness! It looks like the monthly readings are going to stay since the subscriptions have grown over night. I’m excited again.

The real reason for my letter tonight is to just tell you about the lunar eclipse occurring tomorrow. It’s another time to meditate, drink plenty of water, relax and practice the art of letting what you want to see grow- Allowing the seeds you have put into your focus previously to do just that in your life. You’ve been planting seeds of intention, you’ve been visualizing what you want to see. Now it’s that time to allow the flow of it in. It’s been happening for the last 2 weeks of course but the celestial energies will peak tomorrow with a powerful moon.

I feel as though You and I certainly deserve to get what we want. So on that note here are 3 moon quotes to welcome the good stuff in! Enjoy 🙂 

The Sun, Moon and Stars are there to guide us. ~Dennis Banks

Those are the same stars, and that is the same moon, that look down upon your brothers and sisters, and which they see as they look up to them, though they are ever so far away from us, and each other. ~Sojourner Truth

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. ~Buddha

That’s that…one more thing I’m doing is journaling with at least these 3 questions that follow.

In light of the eclipse which is just around the corner-You may want to ask yourself 3 questions in light of the eclipse as well as whatever else you may do around this time. As you think about your answers, you may want to journal down your precious answers too.

1. What meaningful change are you looking forward to happening in your life?

2. What area of your life are you feeling stagnant in and want to move forward in a dynamic way?

3. Are you prepared for what’s to come from this very special Red Full Moon-what do you desire?

As you write your reflections down, focus on what you want. Smile and enjoy the process of everything opening up in your life as you reflect. Also express feelings or words of gratitude to the universe, yourself, the creator, angels, your guides, ancestors, the god and goddess of all or even to mother nature. Whatever you recognize as your beloved truth, hold that up in your mind to bless it and you for co-existing. It’s good to share this space with you. I am grateful for you subscribing to my blog on Naturally High Life. Thank you for being the gift that you are to the world!

Let me know how you’re enjoying the videos on youtube and anything else you’d like to share with me. Please know that I will personally read each and every word that you write to me. Just reply to this letter and let me know how life is shaping up for you and if the work I’m  doing is helping and if it is how so?

Have a nice weekend. Enjoy the monthly readings and thank you so much for all the comments and for all the continued support! i’m reading everything even if i haven’t had a chance to respond to it yet~

The new series of reading are getting such a huge response. We’ll keep them coming. Again, you’re so appreciated!

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Enjoy your weekend and evening sugar pies <3

Peace and strength to you and yours, 



I almost forgot to mention that I look forward to reading for you one of these days too… Go to the website to see what I offer.

Alright I’m leaving for now 🙂 peace.

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