Why The World May Not Be Ready For Your Gifts But You Should Come Forth Anyway


Realizations of why this is that way and why other things are the way they are seem to plop right from the sky during each breathe you take in-

There’s a curiousity deep inside you.. Then it comes completely as no surprise to you when other people say they are having similar ideas come alive within them as they are by nature One with you.

So what do you do about the people who snicker at you, who make fun of your very presence as a way to get a feel about who they are and why they don’t like who they are or even who they’ve become? Your decision is a necessary one. Your instincts may be in alignment with pulling more of what you want to you or on the other side of that, it may not be at all.

The only thing you need to be concerned with is that you hold the key to attracting more like minded folks to you if you will just be chill in your creative beautiful position. Some folks want to wait it out until people get out of their way so they can feel less resistance to their coming out with their wondrous gifts and we say ‘FORGET ABOUT IT’ come with all your goodness now.

Each moment is yours so why not let go? Strength is your name now. The life you knew once before was too concerned with the vibrations and then the opinions of others. Ask this question to yourself out loud: Do I really have the time to worry about who people think I am?

  • And let us answer that for you: HELL NO you don’t so why don’t you Go out there and show them who the hell you ARE great one. One day soon you will know what it feels like to have a focus so precice that you won’t have a chance to see out the corners of your eyes what these random people who need healing are doing. And why not? It will be because they will be on the vibration they’re supposed to be on. But greatly true as well- you will be on your A-game too, on your vibration soaring so high. Then then and only then will the blissful joyous souls you know are out there waiting to hang out with the likes of you…come forth into your circle for a meeting of building more great things for the present but also for the future now.

It’s now seemingly vibrant and also so knew. Although you thought not one soul could feel you, you’re amazed someone actually can see your awakening going on without you having to much less hold up a street sign, flyer or anything. When you’re feeling good everything just flows, life is perfectly unfolding for you. So continue your projects, your expansiveness, your expressiveness and all that lies in between that so you can have a good time in all you do. Just come forth regardless. Don’t forget to return often to each thing that brings up the memory energetically for you to recall who you are.

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