You Need To Try This: Why You’re Missing The Abundance Train? Attract Fast Success With 3 Easy Little Measly Steps!

A client of mine named ‘Deborah’ (Not her real name) asked me to share her story and offer some clarity on the blog for her.

Deborah shares her problem then I offer a really easy 3 step solution to get her from the bottom to  the top of her game.

True Story: Deborah barely flopped out of her bed rapidly enough before the alarm clock was hitting her over the head with it’s loud drumming. She was flustered at 5am looking around the house for a sign as to why she had falling into the ‘rut’ she was in.

She day dreamed insistently- finally concluding that her life experience was a complete wash. She often called her friends to chat about what a crapshoot of a day she was having. To add to the stack of drama Deborah had going on: She couldn’t stand her job. Her boss was trying to sabotage her just to make her uncomfortable. Add another layer of icing on the cake and Her children were having a rough time adjusting to the new neighborhood they had recently moved to.

Life was gently pulling Deborah in so many directions she was just about over it all. On mainly work days Deborah’s way of pushing on past all the crap, was to pour about 3 cups of coffee (with mo cream and sugar than the laws of nature should allow) into her favorite mug.. Once her clothes were on she downed the almost ‘still piping hot coffee’ as if she were a part of a special coffee drinkers olympics or something.

After her personal coffee race she was on a mega coffee high at work. Deborah felt okay one minute and soon she began taking a swan dive into the ‘I’m tired I wanna be at home zone’. Deborah also wished she didn’t have to stay the entire workday. She was over it all!

It’s important to note, Deborah would have loved to leave her job at anytime. Still she lacked a savings account. She hadn’t gotten a raise in about 2 years. Deborah made way less than her family truly needed. She was searching for a way to bounce back in a big way. How would she start? What was she going to do to change her situation when it felt as if there was no way she would ever reach her goals or even live out her dreams??

There is a way to make it. As you read this article you are making it now. So how can you go from 1 to 10 on the scale of abundance to get what you want fair and square. Check this well known method of taking action. This is a part of #holisticLiving. You can so do this!!

We All get tense and frustrated sometimes but I’ll tell you this trick that works for me and so many others :

I’ll tell you like this….

As soon as you learn how to:

1) Ask the universe plainly for what you want or

Just Declare what you want out loud, to yourself, or talk to others about what you want etc..

2) Know its coming or

That your request has just been answered as soon as you made known (revealed) what your request is!

3) I’m going to put it right out there now, Please, excuse me: but #3 is to:

Sit Your Azz down and Take a rest after you’ve asked and you trust its coming (numbers 1 & 2 respectfully-

Why should you sit your buns down?

Because you can! 🙂

No really, you should take a seat

So that You can relax and Allow the good thangs you asked for to float your way..

The method of Asking, declaring and resting aka trusting is as simplistic as it gets! You have to try this for an hour, how about for a day even? What happens when you do these 3 steps honey? Let me tell you! I’m cheesing over here. It recently happened to yours truly.

What will happen if and when you do steps one through 3 is that you will manifest your chosen goals, dreams and aspirations.

It’s so important to over and understand that YOU are pushing- pulling what you want and don’t want to/ away from you constantly with your energy, thoughts, focus etc. You can rearrange the result you have been getting though. Yes you can, And the other super wonderful thing is that you can rearrange your life today, now, in this very moment.

What’s the next step?

Just choose to start ‘doing’ steps 1–3 and be aware of how calls come when you weren’t expecting them to, messages come, opportunities come from no where when you need then to, right after you start focusing on anything else that is on a higher vibration than what you normally focus on. If you don’t get this or need more answers for you. Take a moment or two to reflect, meditate or pray on the way you do things in your life verses what you really prefer to be doing in your life. You answer will come faster than ever. Just start here with the 3 steps to see Ultra Manifesting Abundance results for you.

Later you all..

Peace and Bliss~

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