A Virgo New Moon Inspirational Message From the Angels Part. 1

new moon phases



Hey there!

Here’s the Angel Guidance New moon message:



Welcome to the ◐ New Moon in Virgo.

But wait. 


What’s it all mean anyway? 


A New Moon always begins the lunar phases of our ethereal, mysteriously, gorgeously placed divine Sister moon.

Ever since there was an ancient time, the new moon has been an indicator of the start of thing. The new moon therefore symbolizes new beginnings.


Also, historically ‘the small sliver of a New Moon’ is precisely the way our powerful ancestors of Kamit plus other past civilizations were able to watch for the small, thin- crescent of the moon.


The ancient ones used this small wedged shape of the moon to watch its lunar cycles monthly to mark the very beginning of each month in a given calendar year. This was known as a marker of the moon’s repeating cycles as well as the other cycles- This marker was used to plan for the present and future.


Once the person who was sent to monitor the moon did their thing…

Next, the ancient one who regularly watched the moon, then traveled back to share their findings along with various calculations from the sky of what they saw. This highly revered being then carried this knowledge to the important person who was in charge of updating the yearly calendar.



How can you use the energy of the moon practically? 

The new moon comes monthly without fail.

This placement of the moon, along with the other placements of the moon was reported each year to plan out our most important lunar calendar for us all. It has been said that the moon is a huge satellite above us that everyone can see on our planet. The ancient ancestors celebrated the cosmos along with the moon because they knew the magnitude of their power.



The moon is important to this planet

For this reason, there are other names for the new moon.

One of those special names for the moon, is The Dark Side of the Moon which continues to signify a new beginning, a period of time a time to plant seeds both in the ground with seeds or it’s a great time to plant new seeds in ourselves during this time too!


Trust in the new moon cycle to help you erase, replace, clear space, dream, make room!


I know,

Sure it must sound extraordinary and extra effing magical to work with the moon’s cycles and phases. That’s right, Yes! honey its like that.


Choosing Sexual Abstinence


There is magic in working with a new moon always.

As this is the most perfect time cosmically speaking to start a new,  to start a new habit or routine.


Use this moon juice for your benefit beloved! If you want to break an unwanted habit or lifestyle…

Go for it!


New moons are definitely ripe for a fresh start, a clean slate, it’s a time to set new intentions. New moons are a time to review, refocus, slow down, rethink, imagine, relax.



Feel the glow of the moon.

Allow her subtle ways to guide you. Move slowly at this time as well. Under a new moon, there is not so much light to see. Which symbolizes why its the opportune time to take your time so you can really get a look at what you need to see and know in your life.


A new moon like this one is when things slow down quite a bit in the world. Keep an eye out to watch this trend each month of the calendar year if you haven’t noticed it already.


Since a new moon is routinely known to be a slower moving time, new moon’s are able to assist you with providing a calmer, more relaxing environment to gather yourself in.



Should you worship the moon for Its blessings?

As a divine being you would need to worship Your existence instead. Worship a new moon? Nope, you don’t have to worship the moon to gain any favor. You were incarnated as a favored being anyway.


This life is: Your show for the molding of how you see fit. Even still, you can certainly do as you want-and worship whomever you like. No judgements here.



what happens when you Judging others


Back to the Greatest ones, Those who came before us.

The ancestors from Kamit did not worship idols. They gave respect to the many expressions of the divine element in the world. So it may have looked like worship but its more like giving thanks!




Honor the moon,

Some of the ways to honor this moontime means to review our intentions, plans and thoughts to see where we desire to point our arrow.


At this time it’s not quite the time to shoot the arrow (which symbolizes the goals you have) as it’s a slower moving time that is perfect to nourish ourselves before taking any action (if you can wait a couple days then do wait). Plan to make your move soon.


Observe oracle card


Save your action taking for a few days later.

After a couple days after the new moon you can go ahead then launch forward.


  • However, while the moon is in this phase,
  • use the new moon to get your goals down on paper,
  • look to the past for direction,
  • gather your thoughts,
  • conjure up all your dreams along with your ambitions to get ready
  • and set to be nourished by yourself all the way to Crescent Moon then beyond.


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