Ascension symptoms, Signs of a Spiritual Awakening (Take the Quiz)

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Do you experience any ascension symptoms? Are you spiritually awakening?

Take the quiz now to see how many you get out of 65.


1. You’re experiencing a synchronistic situation in almost every facet of your life.

2. You feel you are understanding the world you live in more than ever.

3. Your intuition is picking up on things faster.

4. You sometimes feel out of place, lost, confused and don’t know why.

5. You feel closer to people who you don’t know, but you feel close to them anyway.

6. You experience pain in your body in the form of shocks, spasms.

7. You feel like you know everything there is to know sometimes.

8. You feel as if you’re being called to do something big.

9. You’re the only one experiencing the awakening in your family that you know of.

10. Your heart feels heavy sometimes for no reason that you know of.

11. You want to connect to people who are on a higher level like you.

12. You’re so honest that other people find it hard to believe you’re this way.

13. You find electronics do weird things whenever you’re around.

14. You have begun to see orbs of light out of no where.

15. You have a sense that people think you’re out of touch and you agree joyfully.

16. You see numbers in groups that match your birthday, or other ones all the time.

17. You’re becoming okay with the life you have chosen.

18. You know there’s more that exists than what you can see on the the planet.

19. You feel you are not alone, even when no one may be there to “see”.

20. Your learning abilities have gone up so fast.

21. You have vivid memories of past lives you have lived before.

22. You’re beginning to not care about what others think of you.

23. You feel unable to face the world sometimes.

24. You have become so sensitive to your environment and the people around you.

25. You find that as soon as you have questions the answers come quite fast.

26. You have a sense that time has been sped up in some way.

27. You find that your memory has much improved since you were younger.

28. You feel like you’re not a part of your body sometimes.

29. You feel a need to come clean about everything you have done.

30. You’re drawn to go into meditation or to learn how to meditate in a strong way.

31. You’re enjoying moments of intense love out of the blue.

32. You’re often in love with the moment and the way life is unfolding to you.

33. You’re experiencing mental confusion at times in a profound way.

34. You’ve come to love your family more even though you didn’t feel loved.

35. You’re not into dating like you used to be, you want your twin flame or soul mate.

36. Your dreams are so very real at night.

37. You go on special missions in your dream state of an uplifting nature.

38. You receive calls from folks who want to know your secret to staying balanced.

39. You feel like you’re greatly in tune with nature.

40. You feel as though you’re not aging like the masses seem to be.

41. You feel power coursing through your legs, feet, arms.

42. You can physically see your heartbeat through your skin.

43. You have trouble getting to sleep.

44. You speak to your guides, angels to a high power regularly.

45. You have the ability to speak to people telepathically without training.

46. You have skin breakouts out of nowhere.

47. You have learned how to manipulate energy to ease pain.

48. Your appetite is significantly reformed, you eat more food or less than before.

49. Your mind is completely not on sex you want a deeper connection.

50. You have emotional changes come and go at random times.

51. You feel a need to break free from many things.

52. Your entire personality, appearance changed overnight.

53. You don’t feel like you fit in with your circle anymore.

54. You’re learning how to be grounded and connected better with everyone.

55. You’ve grown less judgmental towards others.

56. You can sense when things are about to launch or happen.

57. You’re feeling blasts of creative energy with a need to create something.

58. You have a strong desire to gather with others who love the planet earth.

59. You have experienced miracles in your life.

60. You have a knowing that you are a vital part of the whole planet.

61. You’re able to see people as they really are without their bodies.

62. You’re finding that what you think about is showing up in your life very fast.

63. You have a feeling of being spaced out, airy, in the clouds at times.

64. You feel like everything around you is breaking down.

65. You have sporadic, unexplainable waves of insight come to you.

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3 thoughts on “Ascension symptoms, Signs of a Spiritual Awakening (Take the Quiz)

  1. Yes to almost every one lol . At first it was hard as I have always been sensitive around people my whole life but it got harder for a while I became very isolated . As I could feel the negative energy as I walked into a room it would change my mood almost to the point I would have to run out . I now ground myself daily and meditate i can now handle being around polarised people and many times just my presence calms there mood . I now know my purpose and I love it so much . But at times I still feel lonely as at times it’s like people don’t care . And they all think I wierd but I know I am so I don’t care lol

    • This is all very interesting. I have always untemptemted to describe what I have been going through with others but just get shut down or told I’m crazy. I don’t care though either. After three years in law school, I started to realize that there is so much more to us and this world and began to feel that being a lawyer and making a bunch of money to show off was silly and that I needed to find out what this life truly is all about-not what we’ve been told it’s about. We’re tought to look good, be fun and popular and make more money than the guy next to us. I still want to be rich and handsome, who doesn’t. Nonetheless, I don’t want to spend my life chasing an empty idea what I “should” be.

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