Full Moon in Virgo Tips, Insights and Recommendations! 3/5/2015

Hi there, What a fast paced month…

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It’s that time again. A full moon a lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is completely illuminated as seen from Earth. This months full moon is also called other names such as, “Worm Moon”, “Crow Moon”, “Sap Moon”, or “Lenten Moon”.

It’s just about the end of winter. This particular full moon reveals an official inner and an outer clean up time for all. Its also the eager countdown to a fresh new spring this March 5th 2015 Thursday at 10:05am est. Lovely energies, the moon is full in the sign of Virgo. You know what that means don’t you? Well the perfectionistic chatty inner critic in all of us will reveal itself in an area of life that really matters to you to show where a clean up is needed and also where a purge of old energies are wanted.

This is surely a fine time to plan a practical review of a possible new health and wellness regimen. Other areas you can gain momentum on quite easily at a full moon in Virgo are things like: opting to get more restful sleep, meditation to calm the nerves, Qi gong for more healing, chakra work, reiki, reflexology or overall energy balancing, linking with a spiritual counselor, life coach and more.

You could suddenly have the motivation to clear up any unbalance in your life. You will more than likely look at areas like eating, breathing better or finding more time to get into your reading. Also, you could begin a healthy integration of self healing, communications, holistic health, looking into health, vision, and even a nifty dental program is all on the front table for about two weeks before the full moon until the present as well is on.

Maybe you have already made a decision to change your diet, eating, water intake, to finish a project that requires heavy concentration and full attention to details. There could be more as in new vitamins, herbs, detoxing are basically in mind for many people. Being more health concious can encourage you to stick with the changes you make around the full moon.

If you’re wanting to deal with specific details in your day to day- this is the time to use this energy as it’s available plus its there for all- to be seriously utilized to the fullest of our ability.

Conversations of work to being of service to others is certainly sure to come to the forefront at this time. Intricate processes like writing, researching and editing are sure to be smooth, almost effortless to complete and or engage in. If you’re completing projects in these 3 areas you will be determined to get them done.

Remember to not be too dry, too focused on perfection, to not stay overly serious, but to leave an out for you to step it up happily, to go shake your own life up. Yes, do work then make time to have some creative fun too!

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I wrote an article on how to use the full moon’s energy which you can take a look at again (check out the link below).
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