How to prepare for your Aries New Moon. Happy New Year. Release the fear, breathe easy.

Aries new moon

This week and next week is all about new beginnings. It’s almost time! It’s just about time to start over again. Sure you may feel as if: The pressure is on to take action like crazy but it’s an opportune time to lighten your load first if you can… And If you want to then YES YOU CAN!!! It’ll be worth it… release some baggage if you need to. You’ve been planting seeds all last year! Honey, make some room for what you’ve been asking for.

You can have it. Sure, It may not seem significant at the moment to prepare for the new journey ahead- However, you probably know deep down that it’s just about time to leap into your purpose to live even more as you have always envisioned doing so ASAP!

So listen Closely: 💕This is a channeled spontaneous message from the angels, ancestors, ascended masters and of course of the divine oneness that permeates ALL.. They send word to you that yes all is well. Yes the nightmares, fears, past failures, are fading further into the background by Monday March 20th, 2017 which is the official Spring Equinox.

Next week we have the New moon in Aries on Tuesday March 28th, 2017. For now, there are hundreds of memories showing up like a Hotmess situation that only you can see in your head😳.Those thoughts are only coming up so you can weigh what you want to keep around or not! Don’t entertain all that stuff.. release whatever doesn’t move you DEEPLY.

Whenever you go deeper you will find your Self there (in the deep space where all connects to oneness) so if you feel moved to go anywhere– go go go there into meditation (deeply)! You’ll find you come up with that much more to give to yourself, along with the world too! Stay tuned for more… This is a quick channel to repeat again that Things are working out. If you don’t feel ready to jump into action just yet, ok fine. Then step up your game by using Saturday and Sunday before the spring equinox as time to PREPARE!

If you missed those dates, no worries since you still have time to clear for at least another week and a half.

Ok, now what are at least 3 things do you feel as if you need to clear to make space for more of what you want? Maybe you will add less gravy to your feast lol? Or use more coconut oil on everything? Perhaps you feel a nudge to take a break from eating gravy all together?! It’s going to be different for everyone. Often its still so necessary to identify areas which need improvement to make a change for the better to welcome that good balanced life! If you’re ready to let go of the excess then use this time to get that thang Done! Use the Spring Equinox for Spring Cleaning on turbo mode. I say that because this energy is supportive to get moving so you may find that you feel ready to release and embrace a new life big time. Don’t forget about this The new moon in Aries is here on Monday!

I know it can feel extra intense at present. Yes it can. So, Don’t worry about everything now. When you’re ready to leap into the great new beginnings on your path beloved (YOU Will ABSOLUTELY FEEL IT!) THEN GO! For today just release, plan, clear, prepare, cleanse, Say yes to what you want, feel good and surrender to your calling beloved!❤

Peace! Thanks for reading this and let me know how you’re moving with this energy and if you have any tips on using it then please leave those comments below. If you liked this Astrology Report and would love to see more then let me know.

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