The Importance of Starting a Regular Meditation Practice

Meditation is to dive all the way within, beyond thought, to the source of thought and pure consciousness. It enlarges the container, every time you transcend. When you come out, you come out refreshed, filled with energy and enthusiasm for life.

David Lynch

Peace beloved ones, 

At times it appears as if we are living in such a seemingly chaotic existence on our planet. At other times we find joy hidden within corners of moments which we never knew quite could ever be. In tremendous times such as these the part we play is a gigantic one amongst several others who have come forth to share the planet with us.

What’s most vital is of making the most use of time without feeling desperate about time. That is one of the keys to an equally yoked life. Some of you have the sense that you know more than you often realize or can see for yourself-often you notice more than you let on to yourself or to others. If this is you- then you would be right about that feeling. Explore that sensation further…who knows what you’ll find. Now on to the article at hand 🙂

It’s good to speak with you today. As I type these words I can hear myself speaking out loud, only inside my head. It’s as though I’m having a telephone chat with you. But instead I’m typing lol, I love it. I hope that you can feel the love in the air today from me to you! I truly send you all the love there is to give on this tumultuous new moon day in February during this erratic winter. Oh by the way, I just so happen to be in the US, on the east coast for those of you who didn’t know where on the planet I currently reside in.

It’s Wednesday midweek and I come with good news for you. I think its worth the exploration surely before the spring comes around to talk about the art of going within. 

As we continue, we do have this sweet as pie mystical new moon on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius in the sky, (work with these energies for about 8 more days) so basically I felt it quite the perfect time to make some announcements about an upcoming new course which is a delicious regular practice that you may want in on. I also have a surprise for you coming up so stay tuned for that as well!

I come to you today to speak to you about something that is so dear to my heart which you have come to know by the name Meditation. For a while, there have been repeated requests to know what can be done in this life to get a hold of stress, fear, bad habits, and so much more is on that list… Frequently I even receive questions about how one can release the shadow side of their nature to live a more expanded life-free of all that isn’t wanted from themselves. 

People want to know how to improve health, work, sex, patience plus how to have a relationship that is more understood by both parties but also how to have relationships that are built on trust that are so very balanced that the persons involved can stay together longer to gain the lessons from one another without so much static and deep set confusion that just seems to keep on spilling over, repeatedly. In short most people want what they dream about. 

Here is your surprise right here: A 22 minute Youtube video straight from me to you just released today on how to dive into these brand New Moon frequencies to work your magic the way you want to get the life you desire beloved! Peace love and light.

We can get into that, as we explore how to breathe through challenges in general. First, one would have to learn how to do what’s best for them. Each person is on a varying path, a completely alternate level, or journey. The same approach can work for different people but not always at the same period in time. It’s complicated like that. One dynamic that is ultimately important is knowledge of self in daily living. This is one area the entire world can gain a vast benefit from getting into.

The challenge many folks have is with who they perceive themselves to be. People see limitations when they look at themselves usually. We do not often know the powers that we have access to in each second. This is of no fault of our own. This is something which has to be remembered, restored in us one by one.

The limited nature folks think they are is a strong personal belief which is in the mind. This observation is personal in nature. However as time passes, the awareness that is awakened in each person becomes their own self enforced reality in some fashion.

Now don’t get me wrong- anyone can lecture you all day long about what you are, where you come from, who you are not or who you are growing to be in the future.  So much can be seen through divination which I am a fan as well as an active practitioner of and I may always be a spiritual reader. But its about self empowerment. Lecturing is just good to pass information, it’s even worthy to turn the mental light on for one to see better and to inquire further but to experience the spirit fully you’ve gotta dive even deeper than that to see it for yourself. 

In my humble opinion but also in my experience throughout studying with various teachers-we can gain a great amount of wisdom by studying with a teacher. However, then we have to learn how to see the truth in what we are by ourselves. At some point what the teacher has to share with us is just a foundational link for us to get us started in the heavy study to seeing for ourselves. The teacher may walk with you but there will be times when you will work alone which is when you will gain the insight on another level from the previous one.

There is always a starting point to begin though: To learn how meditate on a regular basis we have to begin with just an inquiry, a desire to want to know more about it. Then the lessons come. So, the starting link or the foundation is one that we must follow in silence on a regular basis in order to reap the fruit from the indwelling tree of knowledge which is there at all times. (don’t mind if this makes no sense at this point, just read it then let it circulate around in you)

Uncovering the indwelling wisdom is another key to living a fulfilling spiritual life. This is why meditation is so very vital! At this stage I can bet that many of you have heard about meditation or have even practiced doing meditation on your own in such a way where you may have seen and felt some of the luxurious features of this sacred peaceful art of being quiet, staying still, of going within with awareness of the breath in most cases…while the awareness and attention is placed on other things, elements depending on the type of meditation one chooses to do. 

The ultimate meditation one can do it is said, is to practice meditation with an unrelenting intention of simply awakening to themselves for the purpose of Self Realization. 

Learn how to do Deep Breathing for Relaxation-The Foundation of starting a Meditation practice.

Watch the video:  A Fresh Start. A New Moon on the Cusp of Pisces & Aquarius: Change Your Life From the Inside Out 

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