Spiritual Message for Friday June 13th 2014

Greetings beloved,

Today’s spiritual message is: The Third Eye Chakra card. Today is about healing yourself by using your intuition, psychic power to align with all that you lined up for you vibrationally speaking. Now is a time to trust your inner voice more than ever. Or you may be being called to strengthen your intuition. Here are just some of the ways to encourage a more balanced third eye chakra:

  • Do neck rolls while allowing your eyes to remain closed- focusing on the point just between your eyebrows. As you do the movement, do allow your hair to go all over the place 🙂 the point here is to let go of it All.
  • Practice meditation, qi gong, tai qi, pranayama (deep breathing exercises) to work on breathing deeper more sweetly. To find an outlet to relax, contemplate, day dream, watch your thoughts or witness them.
  • Wear the color Indigo. Meditate while wearing this color.
  • Place your index finger at the beginning of the bridge of your nose. You should feel the area where your forehead connects to your nose. Once you find this connecting space touch it. Next message it in a circle with one of your fingers for about 10 seconds then breathe. Repeat 2 more times. Its perfect to gradually apply a little pressure to this point. You will eventually feel your pulse at this point thereby successfully assisting in circulating the prana there. This is the third eye point but its also a vital acupressure point too. Massage this point a few times a day or week to strengthen your psychic powers. This also works if you have issues falling asleep, concentrating or if you need to clear a headache. A cup of water always works to clear a headache though. Either way you have to ways to get it done! 🙂

As you work with your third eye chakra point you will second guess your hunches or decisions less. Throughout the day, when you have a few moments:

  1. Take time to place your attention on the third eye chakra point between your eyebrows.
  2. Do this while breathing slowly, deeply.
  3. As you look up do not strain your eyes.
  4. As your eyes may get tired, stop looking upward then go again.
  • Then practice guessing what someone will say next as you enjoy a conversation. Practice your yoga too! You’ll love it and it will support you back.

Remember its when you’re able to let go and tap into all that is that you can allow the unseen to be seen or sensed by you most efficiently. Pay attention to synchronicities. There are always clues that will stick out that have the ability to reveal what’s coming next. Look out for things happening that you spoke about prior to them taking place. Have fun with it! Peace to you on this yummy day.

Love and light,


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