This Time It’s Personal. Life is Really Gettin Good Now .. Allow it!


It feels good to relax and let the universe bring me what I want.
Intuition is sweet.
I’m catching my breath
something so fantastically sweet has come
again and i swear I visualized it before its unearthing
(big happy sigh) i desire that you know your true power
you may forget to stay joyful all day’s very possible
still you and the rest of us can make it with the best efforts we have
What kind of effort is needed to move with the vibrations of all that we asked for already?? Not much more than keeping yourself FEELING ABSOLUTELY GOOD for no reason then pick hundreds of reasons if none will do. You can surely do this. You can really do this. You have this down. You’re already there. The smile on your divine face tells it all. You are feeling good now aren’t you? You know you are most amazing, yes, yes, yes, just say yes ..and let it all flow to you beloved. You mastered this eons ago. Let’s do this over and over. No effort is in vain. You are perfectly placed. Thank you for being. ~The Universe~ #blissreturned #abundance

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