{Self-Care} The Art of Transformation

lovelylightMy only goal in this life is to reach my highest potential.  If I am able to master my own life, I am able to bless others who desire the same.  Ka Sa Life is a collection of the people, places, things and experiences that continue to inspire me to reach my highest potential.

Through my experiences as both a Yoga student and instructor, I now understand the value of perspective.  By perspective, I mean the ability to gain wisdom from the actions and experiences of another without the need to mimic their actions exactly.  My goal is to share my experiences as a student and as a teacher in a way that offers you a fresh perspective.

As a yoga instructor, it is my responsibility to guide my clients past their perceived physical limitations.  As a student, I recognize that we must decide for ourselves which beliefs and behaviors must be changed to guide us to the potential we all have stored within.  By sharing the moments where thoughts are elevated above feelings, we find the freedom to learn, grow and inspire the same in the lives of others.


To become a master, we must remain a student.  With each Sunrise, we gain another day full of opportunity to find balance between the two and to perfect The Art of Transformation.


I am the Artist and Ka Sa Life is my masterpiece.

{Self-Care} The Art of Transformation.

By:  Goddess Ashiah! Thank you!


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