How to Prepare For a Successful Meditation

A Successful Meditation Routine Is Assured With Proper Planning.

First expect to have a great meditation! It’s easy to meditate plus you will get better as time goes on. Use these steps to guide you  into the peaceful space of deep breathing and sitting. Enjoy your journey into quietness. Relax~

1. Take a shower or bath

2. Tidy up the house

3. Sanitize the home

4. Pillow, meditation cushion, or favorite chair

5. A quiet, clean area to sit for meditation purposes

6. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing

7. Phone on silent

8. Pour libation to your ancestors or pray 

9. Gather sacred items to use during meditation Ie: Affirmations, vision board, gemstones, scented oils, note pad and pens, goals, candles, or incense (optional)

10. A blanket or sweater to keep the body warm

11. Meditation music or a guided meditation cd

12. Eye pillow to block outside light if preferred

13. Record any insight at the end of your meditation with the paper and pen. 

  • Meditation cushion, bench, or favorite chair

  • Quiet, tidy spot, preferably reserved for meditation

  • Regular time slot, if possible

  • Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing

  • Phone turned off, answering-machine volume turned down low

  • Comfortable sitting position

  • Favorite meditation technique(s)


Other items you may want to include are:

  • Stretches to prepare your body for sitting

  • Altar or shrine of special objects, pictures, candles, or incense

  • Warm sweater or shawl (if you tend to get cold)

  • Hallway or path for walking meditation, if you want

  • A Meditation teacher to consult in case you get stuck or want to go deeper

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